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Nowadays, people are always in a hurry and don’t have enough time to sit in front of the computer and place the bets they want to. Matchbook, which is one of the leading online bookmakers, which is on the market for more than 15 years, knows that and developed an amazing mobile website version and application, which literally give you access to the whole betting world whenever you are and whatever you do, you have it in your hands. Matchbook itself gives you the opportunity to bet on a lot of sports betting events, sports betting markets, also the odds are really high, compared to other online bookmakers. Matchbook also though about the casino lovers and introduced amazing casino and live casino sections, which are also accessible through the app. Notice that Matchbook’s mobile application is available for both Android and iOS devices.

What are the benefits of Matchbook’s mobile application?

You already noticed that using Matchbook’s mobile application has its own advantages. Now let’s see some of them:

  1. By using Matchbook’s mobile application, you have access to all of the sports betting options, casino and live casino games,
  2. Matchbook’s mobile application is completely free,
  3. You can even open an account through Matchbook’s mobile application,
  4. You have access to the insights page, which can be really helpful,
  5. You can proceed with both deposits and withdraws through the mobile application of Matchbook.

What are the benefits of Matchbook’s mobile application?

How to download Matchbook’s application on Android?

Let’s start with owners of Android devices, actually, the downloading process on Android is very easy and no time-consuming. One of the biggest advantages of Matchbook’s mobile application is that it is available on Google Play, which is not very common for online bookmakers. The downloading process through Google Play is simple, you should already know how to do it, but let’s see:

  1. Open Google Play,
  2. Search for Matchbook,
  3. Click on the application,
  4. Then proceed to install it.

Let’s also cover the second possible way of downloading Matchbook mobile app, which is directly through the website:

  • Open Matchbook’s official website,
  • Go to the Apps page,
  • Then, depending on where you live, click on the downloading link,
  • After that, the downloading process will automatically start,
  • You just need to wait a few seconds for the downloading to finish.

How to install Matchbook’s mobile application on Android?

After you successfully downloaded Matchbook’s mobile application on your Android device, you should proceed to install it, if you use Google Play to download and install it, the steps are simple, you just need to open Google Play, find the application of Matchbook and click on install, but now let’s see how to install the application if you downloaded it through Matchbook’s official website:

  • First, you should go to your phone’s settings and allow installations from unknown sources, you just need to go to the security setting, in order to allow it,
  • Then, you should open the .apk file, which you downloaded earlier,
  • After that click on “Install”, then the installation will automatically start,
  • Now, wait a few seconds for the installation to finish and you are ready, you just downloaded Matchbook’s mobile application on your Android device.

System Requirements

In order for Matchbook’s mobile application to work properly, without any bugs, lags or crashes, it has minimum system requirements, which your device should cover, but don’t worry, you need to have only Android version 4.4 or higher, this is a very old version of Android, so every device covers it.

How to download Matchbook’s mobile application on iOS?

Now, let’s proceed with downloading of Matchbook’s mobile application on iOS devices. The downloading process is very similar to Android’s one because again Matchbook’s mobile application is now available on the App Store, which downloading, you should know how to do. Let’s see the second way, how to download it through Matchbook’s official website.

  1. Open Matchbook’s official website,
  2. Again go to Apps page,
  3. Again depending on the country you live, click on the downloading button,
  4. Then, the downloading will automatically start,
  5. Now, just wait a few seconds for the download to finish and you are ready.
  6. Matchbook’s mobile application will be automatically downloaded and installed on your iOS device, so you can find it on the home page.

System Requirements

For iOS devices, Matchbook’s mobile application also have minimum system requirements, which are the minimum version of iOS of 8.0 or higher. If your iOS doesn’t cover the minimum requirements, don’t worry, you can still use the mobile website version of Matchbook.

Matchbook Mobile Website Version

For no doubt, Matchbook’s mobile website version is one of the best ones on the market, through it you have access to everything available on Matchbook’s desktop version. Everything you are going to need, in order to be satisfied with your online betting journey, can be found in Matchbook’s mobile website version.

The entire sports betting and casino sections can be found in Matchbook’s mobile website version, but the difference is that you have all that in your hands from wherever you are and whatever you do. The only disadvantage of the mobile website version is that it is controlled by your mobile browser. No matter if you choose to use Matchbook’s mobile application or mobile website version, you are going to be more than satisfied with it.

Matchbook Mobile Application Usage

Matchbook’s mobile application is quite similar to the mobile website version, you also have access to all of the:

  • Sports betting options,
  • Sports betting markets,
  • The extremely high odds,
  • The eSports betting section,
  • The casino,
  • The live casino,
  • You can even claim bonuses through the mobile app,
  • You also have access to all of the features.

The usage of Matchbook’s mobile application is very easy, the app is very user-friendly and it is following the design and categories of the desktop site, which is simple and everything important can be easily found through the menus, which can help you to jump from category to category.

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Matchbook Mobile App Features

When we are talking about Matchbook’s mobile application, we cannot skip all of the amazing features availabe. Matchbook really has a lot of beneficial features like:


The cash-out feature is something that cannot be missed in an online bookmaker. The ability to withdraw your already placed money, before the game ends can save you a lot of money. This feature is perfect for players, who love risky bets on high odds, or for people who just want to minimize their loss,

Live Betting 

Through the mobile application of Matchbook, you are able to place in-play bets, which for most players is the most satisfying type of betting, all of the games availabe for live betting on Matchbook’s desktop site, are availabe in the mobile too,

Live Streaming 

Matchbook even introduced the live streaming options through the mobile application, unfortunately, most of the games don’t have this options, but if you are a greyhound fan, you can be sure that every race is available for live streaming,

Back and Lay 

If you think that, you cannot benefit from the Back and Lay bets through the mobile app, don’t worry, it is available for both the mobile application and the mobile website version.

Bettin options in Matchbook’s mobile application

We already mentioned that all of the betting options availabe on Matchbook’s desktop site are also availabe through the mobile. Let’s see what betting options are given to you through Matchbook’s mobile application:

Sports betting

Through Matchbook’s mobile application, you have the ability to bet on all of the sports games, which you can see in the desktop site. You also have access to all of the markets and don’t forget about the extremely high odds, compared to all other online bookmakers. You also can enjoy betting on live games,


For casino lovers, Matchbooks introduced the amazing casino and live casino section to the mobile application, you are able to play in the casino, where you can find a wide variety of different casino games. For the bigger thrill, you can even play in the live casino, where the tables are hosted by real dealers.

Mobile Bonuses

The team of Matchbook is considering all of its players as equal, so there are not any specific offers for mobile users. But, you have access to all of the offers available in Matchbook’s desktop site, including the unique bonus “Request a Market”, which is allowing you to ask Matchbook for every market you want to bet on, so the bookmaker will upload it on its platform and you are even going to be notified when it is uploaded.

Payment Methods

Through Matchbook’s mobile application and mobile site version, you can even proceed with transactions. All of the available payment methods in Matchbook’s desktop are availabe. For the deposit methods, the minimum limit is 5 euro, except for Neteller, where you should deposit at least 10 euro, notice that the waiting times for deposit usually takes up to 24 to proceed. For the withdraw methods, the minimum limit is 10 euro, but for the Bank Wire Transfer, you should withdraw at least 500 euro, which is quite a lot. For the withdraws, the waiting times can really vary, they can take from 24 hours up to 5 days.

  • Bank Wire Transfer,
  • Visa Card,
  • Master Card,
  • Maestro Card,
  • Skrill,
  • Instadebit,
  • Neteller.

For the full list of payment methods, you can open Matchbook’s official desktop website, mobile application or mobile website version and go to the “payments” section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How does Matchbook’s mobile application works?

A: After you successfully downloaded and installed Matchbook’s mobile application, the only thing you should do is to go the home page of your device and click on the icon, from there you should log in and start your mobile betting journey. 

Q: Do I need a Matchbook account to download the mobile application?

A: No, you don’t need an account to download the mobile application of Matchbook, you can create your account later.

Q: Are there any specific mobile bonuses for using the mobile application?

A: Unfortunately, there are not, Matchbook is treating all their players as equal, so every bonus that can be claimed from the desktop site is available through the mobile also.

Q: Where I can find all of the sports betting options at Matchbooks mobile application?

A: Immediately after you open Matchbook’s mobile application, on the top you are going to see the A-Z category, where you can see all of the sports availabe.

Customer Support and Contacts

If you ever have some questions or face some problems, no matter if they are connected with Matchbook’s mobile application, mobile website version, payment methods, bonus offers, sports betting section, casino games or whatever else, you can contact Matchbook’s customer support agents, who are working 24/7, in order to help you. Now let’s see how you can contact them:


  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
  • Live Chat,
  • Social Media,
  • Phone Numbers:
  • United Kingdom: +44 203 642 6867,
  • Republic of Ireland: +353 21 242 8626.


Matchbook is an online bookmaker, which is on the market for more than 15 years. The team of Matchbook really thought about those players who are always in a hurry and don’t have enough time to sit in front of the computer and place the bets, they want to, so they developed amazing mobile website version and mobile application based on Matchbook’s desktop site. Both the mobile application and mobile website version have a stunning and user-friendly design, which help players find whatever they are looking for. The amazing A-Z category, which is on the top, can help you to find every sports betting option availabe. Through the mobile website version and mobile application, you can access all of the sports betting options, sports betting markets, casino and live casino games, all of the features and bonus offers, which are available on the desktop site of Matchbook. If you are sports betting fan or a casino lover, if you don’t have enough time to sit in front of the computer, but want to place bets on your favourite sports, you should really though about using Matchbook’s mobile application or mobile site version.