Betwinner Accumulator Betting

Betwinner is an online bookmaker, which is providing betting services for only a few years. But, the bookmaker already managed to spread almost all over the world, and make every one of its players satisfied. Immediately, after you join Betwinner, you are going to have access to a wide variety of different sports betting options, markets, features, casino and live casino games, and do not forget about the many bonus offers, which can give you a lot of free money. Apart from every other betting option, the bookmaker is quite popular with its accumulator betting options. So, in the article below, we are going to reveal everything, you need to know about accumulator betting.

Why you should choose Betwinner for accumulator betting?

As you already know from our full accumulator betting guide. Accumulator betting is simply a straight bet, which combines more than one selection, in order to increase the odds. More specific in Betwinner, you are going to have access to a lot of events, which you can put in an accumulator bet so that you can win a lot of money, do not forget that Betwinner offers you quite high odds, so everything combined can make you a really good profits.

How to place an accumulator bet in Betwinner?

Actually, placing an accumulator bet in Betwinner is quite an easy process, which you already did, if you placed a simple single bet. But anyway, we from, are always trying to help you as much as we can, we are going to give you a full step - by - step guide on how to place accumulator bets in Betwinner.

  1. First, you should enter the official website of Betwinner and log in to your account (or create one if you do not have, you can check our sign up guide),
  2. Then, you only need to go to the sports betting section,
  3. Then, you should choose the events you want to bet on,
  4. And then you only need to click on the markets you want (For example if you want to bet on the classical 1x2 market, you need to click on the 1, x, or 2 markets),
  5. Then, the selection will be immediately added to the bet slip section, which is on the right of the page,
  6. You are allowed to add as many events as you want, but we highly recommend you to not put a lot, in order to maximize your chances of winning,
  7. After you successfully put all the selection you know, you should enter the stake you want, which you can find it below the selections on the bet slip,
  8. After that, below the whole bet slip, you are going to see your potential winnings,
  9. Finally, you only need to click on the place bet button, which is below everything.

How to place an accumulator bet in Betwinner?

What you should be careful about when you are placing an accumulator bet in Betwinner?

No matter that placing accumulator bets in Betwinner is quite easy and can make you a lot of money, you still should be careful with some very important things, which can affect your profits a lot.

  • You should have enough funds in your account before placing an accumulator bet,
  • You should have an account in Betwinner,
  • You should have done enough research for every single selection,
  • You should be very aware of bankroll management (Bankroll management is quite hard to be understood from a lot of players so that if you have difficulties, you are free to check our guide for successful money management),
  • You should never put a lot of selections into one accumulator, it is always better to split them,
  • And finally, you can place your bet.

How to do all the calculations for accumulator bets?

In Betwinner, in your Bet Slip section, you can have a clear view of how exactly you will win. Everything is done automatically, once you put all of the selections and chose how much you want to stake. But, it is always better to know exactly how to calculate it on your own. So that, we from, are going to give you a simple example of how to easily calculate your odds and potential winnings from your accumulator bet.


For example, if you want to put 5 selections into your accumulator bet and you want to stake 100 dollars, and the odds for each selection are:

  • 1.65,
  • 2.05,
  • 1.78,
  • 1.55,
  • 2.54.

In order to calculate your odds, you need to multiply the odds for each selection in the following way:

Total Odds = Selection * Selection * Selection ….

So, you only need to do the maths for:

1.65 * 2.05 * 1.78 * 1.55 * 2.54 = 23.7040864, or 23.7, which is the total odds for our accumulator bet.

Now, it is time to calculate how much is your potential winnings, if you want to bet 100 dollars.

Actually, it is quite easy to do these calculations, you only need to calculate as you do it for a single bet.

Total Odds * Total Stake = Potential Winnings
23.7 (Total Odds) * 100(Total Stake) = 2370 dollars (Potential Winnings)

Live Accumulator betting in Betwinner

There is no second mind that the real satisfaction from sports betting, and also the big winnings come from the live betting section, where you are allowed to place bets on events that are already in progress. The team of Betwinner clearly knows that and introduced live accumulator betting, so that you are allowed to bet not only on 1 event but on more than one live event. But, unfortunately, in order to be successful in live accumulator betting in Betwinner, you should be really careful with some things, which are crucial for successful live betting.

Important tips for live accumulator betting in Betwinner

  • There is no way of placing live accumulator bet, without watching the game, so that benefit from the live streaming feature, which Betwinner allows you to use,
  • No matter on which live event you want to bet, you need to be really careful, do not put any game, for which are not sure about in your accumulator bet, simply because one losing bet means you are losing the whole bet,
  • All of the odds for live events are escalating and dropping so quickly so that you should be very careful, which selections you are putting in your bet slip.

Important tips for live accumulator betting in Betwinner

Betwinner Mobile Accumulator Betting

It is not a secret that nowadays, players started to use their mobile phones a lot more than their computers, there are actually a lot of reasons for that, for example, the lack of time, the comfort that smartphones brings to your lifestyle, etc. The biggest advantage of mobile betting is that you can bet from wherever you are and whatever you do, you simply have the whole online betting world of Betwinner just in your hands. So, the team of Betwinner developed both the mobile application and mobile site version, and from both, you have full access to everything, which is available on the official website of Betwinner.

As we already mentioned, Betwinner has developed both the mobile application and mobile site version, but before jumping to the mobile accumulator betting part, you should be aware of which platform is better. There is no second opinion that the mobile app is better, it is well-developed separate platform, which has no bugs, lags, crashes, also consumes away less mobile data. On the other hand, is the mobile site version, which unfortunately is dependant on your mobile browser, and the only advantage is that it does not require any downloading of additional software.

So, straight to the point, through both the mobile application and the mobile site version, you can place accumulator bets. The process and the whole structure is quite the same as in the desktop version so that you can check the steps above.

Bonus Offers for accumulator bets in Betwinner

Accumulator betting has grown a lot of popularity through players from all over the world so that by joining Betwinner, you can claim a lot of bonus offers, which are specific for accumulator betting. Bonus offers are the perfect way to increase your profits and minimize your losses.

Accumulator of the Day

The first bonus offer, which is specific for accumulator betting in Betwinner is the Accumulator of the Day. The bonus is quite simple, you just need to choose your bet from a number of accumulators offered by the team of Betwinner on the most exciting sports events for the current day. Once you bet on the accumulator of the day, you are going to receive a 10% increase of your accumulator bets. In order to take your bonus, your accumulator bet should be winning. Notice that there are more than 1000 daily events on which you should bet on for this bonus. Now, let’s see how to take part in the Accumulator of the day.

  • You should place the accumulator of the day using only real money from your account,
  • You are not allowed to use advanced bet on your bet,
  • You are not allowed to use a bonus fund for placing the bet,
  • You are not allowed to change selections from the accumulator bet.

Top 5 Tips for placing only successful accumulator bets in Betwinner

From the article above, you should be very aware of what accumulator betting is and how to place successful bets, but actually accumulators are one of the bets, which requires a lot of skills and knowledge for winning a lot. So, for every beginner for accumulator bets, we are going to list some tips, which can move you from a beginner to an expert in accumulator betting.

Researching is the key to success

The tip, which we are always going to give you is to research. Researching is key to success, only a little bit of research can make you a clear mind about which events are the best, and who win win them. So, in order to be successful in accumulator betting, you should start researching a lot more. Researching can help you decide which team is more motivated, which teams/ players are in better condition, are there any key players missing, for which team the game is more important, etc,

Claim Bonus Offers

Above, we listed only one bonus offers, which you can claim for accumulator betting, but there are a lot more, which you can claim in Betwinner. Bonus offers are the perfect way to increase your chances of winning and potential winnings, also you can claim a lot of free money to place your accumulators,

Do not be too jealous

A lot of beginners love the way how accumulator bets increase the odds so that they put a lot of selections just in one Acca bet, but as we already mentioned this is a big mistake, which can lose a lot of your money. If you have a lot of selections in which you are sure about, and you think they will happen, it is better to split them into more than one accumulator bet, so that if you lose one selection, you are still going to end in profit,

Sometimes events should be skipped

Another tip, which is specific for beginners is that you should not put money on every single event. Betting on every single event and putting it in your accumulator, is a mistake, which almost every single beginner has made. But, some of the events cannot be predicted events from the professional tipsters, which job is this. So, always remember that if you are not confident in an exact event, it is better to skip it,

Live accumulator betting is so tricky

The next tip, which we want to give you is that live accumulator betting is so tricky. Live accumulators can give you a lot more profits than pre-match accumulators, but they are quite hard to be predicted so that you should be really careful. By putting live events in your accumulator, you increase the odds, simply because the odds for live events are higher, but the riks is quite higher so that you should always put fewer selections if they are life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any other bonus offers, which I can claim if a want to place accumulator bets?

A: Betwinner is an online bookmaker, which is quite popular with its wide variety of bonus offers, but unfortunately, accumulators specific bonus offers are not a lot but do not be disappointed, you can still claim all of the bonuses, which are for sports, which also qualify for accumulators.

Q: What will happen if I place an accumulator bet with 5 selections and I win only 4 of them?

A: Unfortunately, the whole structure of accumulator bets requires you to win all of the selections in it, in order to win any money. So, you will lose that kind of Acca, in order to win, you should win all of the selections.

Q: How many selections should my accumulator consist of?

A: There is no exact number of selections you can put in your accumulator, you can put as many as you want. But, we strongly advise you to not put a lot in order to maximize your chances of winning, in our opinion you should put no more than 4-5 selections in one accumulator.

Q: Is Betwinner the best online bookmaker for accumulator betting?

A: Betwinner is one of the leading online bookmakers, which allows you to place a lot of bets on different sports betting events, markets with extremely high odds. So, Betwinner is one of the best options for accumulator betting.

In Summary

Betwinner is one of the top online bookmakers, which managed to gain a lot of popularity in all over the world just for a few years. By joining the bookmaker, you are going to have access to a lot of sports betting options and markets, also you can place a lot of different bets. From the article below, you should know everything about one of the most profitable betting options, accumulator betting. Accumulator betting is simply a single bet, which consists of more than one selection in it. More selections mean higher odds so that you can make a lot if you master accumulator betting. So, if you want to be successful and start making a lot of money from this type of betting in Betwinner, you should read the whole article, if you have any doubt check out our full accumulator betting guide, and then join the bookmaker and start earning.