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1xBet is one of the most popular online bookmakers all over the world. The growth of the bookmaker could not be possible without the many unique betting options and services, which the bookmaker is offering. Once you join 1xBet, you may have some questions, so that the team of 1xBet should be online for you. In the article below, we are going to reveal everything connected with one of the easiest ways to contacts the bookmaker’s team, the live chat, which is actually available 24/7.

Instuctions to 1xBet website access

What is the live chat in 1xBet?

The live chat in 1xBet is simply a chatbox, which you can open any time you want if you have any questions, which you want to ask directly to the team of the bookmaker. The biggest advantage of the live chat of 1xBet is that it is available 24/7. In order to access the live chat of 1xBet, you only need to click on the chat button, which you can find on the bottom of the page, on the right corner. The chatbox is green and easy to be spotted.

Once you open the chat, you are going to see the name of the person from 1xBet, with who you are going to talk, and below you can type your message, and you can even link something so that you can send whatever you want. You can easily find the box, where you should type your message, by seeing the “Type your message here”.

The live chat box can simply solve any problem you have or can answer every question you have, so the person on the other side of the chat can do it. No matter if you have problems or questions with betting options, markets, odds, registration, payment methods, bonus offers, verification, or whatever else, you can easily find a solution in the chatbox.

How to enter the live chat of 1xBet (Step - by - step)?

We already told you how to enter the chatbox, but let’s make things even easier and give you a full step - by - step guide on how to do it.

  1. First, you should enter the official website of 1xBet,
  2. Then, you should log in to your account,
  3. Then, you should click on the green chat box button, which can be found on the bottom right corner,
  4. Then, you are ready to start the conversation with 1xBet’s chat agents.

1xBet Live Chat Button

What is the language for the 1xBet live chat?

1xBet is a Russian online bookmaker, whose main language is English, for the reason that English is the most spread language. But, things are quite different for the live chat section, where you can chat on more languages. There are more than 60 languages, on which you can chat, the full list of them you can see in the top right corner, where usually you can see the England flag and an EN sign. From there you can not only see the full list of languages, but you can also change the language of the whole webpage, including the live chat section.

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Situations in which the live chat is so helpful?

No matter in which bookmaker you are a part of, the live chat section is quite a helpful feature, which you will need in many situations. In order to give you a clear mind about what the live chat will help you, we are going to list some of the major situations;


The first, and the most common situation, in which most of the players use the live chat, is through the registration, or immediately after it. When you join 1xBet, it is completely alright to have some questions, no matter if they are connected with bonus offers, depositing, sports section, casino, or whatever else. So, live chat can be very helpful when you register your account.


The verification process is a process, which cannot be skipped. This is the way of 1xBet to prove your identity so that the team of the bookie will be sure that no scammers are joining. Through the verification process, you may have some questions, so in order to receive help, you can contact the customer support agents of the bookmaker, using the live chat. Also, you can check our full guide on how to verify your account in 1xBet.


Another situation, in which you may need a live chat is connected with payments. There are a lot of players who are frustrated with payments and do not know how to complete a deposit or withdraw, what are the limits, waiting times, so the live chat can be quite helpful.

Bonus Offers

The next situation, in which the live chat can be cruical for you, is bonus offers. 1xBet is an online bookmaker that is quite popular with its wide variety of generous bonus offers. But, as they are so many, and also new bonuses are introduced often, you may have questions, so bonus offers are another thing, for which you may need the live chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I can use the live chat of 1xBet?

A: The live chat of 1xBet is available 24/7 so that you can use it whenever you want.

Q: In which languages I can contact the customer support agents of 1xBet using the live chat?

A: In 1xBet you can choose from more than 60 languages, and by changing them, you also change the language of the live chat.

Q: Why do I need a live chat in 1xBet?

A: The live chat in 1xBet can be very helpful in many situations, for example, you may need it through the registration, verification, you may need it for payments, bonus offers, sports betting, the casino section, or for simply everything.

Q: From where I can open the live chat section in 1xBet?

A: The team of 1xBet made the live chat very easy for access. When you open the official website of the bookmaker, you are going to see the live chat icon in the right bottom corner. In order to access it, you only need to click on it, and you are going to be redirected to the live chat section.

Another method for contact

The live chat is one of the most helpful features in 1xBet. No matter that there are a lot of players, who do not like it, and want to contact the customer support agents of the bookmaker using one of the other available ways. If you are from that kind of person, we from bettingy.com are going to list you the other possible ways.

  • E-mail: The first option is to contact the customer support agents of 1xBet using your e-mail, you can find all of the available e-mail in 1xBet’s official website, by clicking on the contacts button. The biggest advantage is that 1xBet has a separate e-mail for every department, for example, the financial department, customer support department, etc,
  • Mobile Phone: The other option is to contact the customer support agents of 1xBet using your mobile phone. You can find the mobile number of 1xBet again in the contacts section.

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In Summary

1xBet is one of the most popular online bookmakers all over the world. So, the team of the bookmaker should be prepared for everything, which every client may need. So, if you have any questions or face any problems, no matter if you are a newly registered player in the bookmaker or an existing one, you are free to use the live chat, with which help you can contact the customer support agents of 1xBet 24/7, who will help you solve any problem, and answer every question you have. The good news is that you can use the live chat in more than 60 available languages.