Bet9ja Bonus Code

Bet9ja is one of the leading online bookmakers, operating in Nigeria. In Bet9ja, you can enjoy betting on so many different sports betting options, including leagues from all over the world, also you have a lot of sports betting markets, live betting options, casino and live casino games, a lot of beneficial features and last but definitely not least a lot of generous offers, which can really boost your betting experience and make you earn some free money, for almost no effort.

Bet9ja’s team made their best, in order to provide with a lot of different bonuses for both new and existing clients, as Bet9ja is one of the top bookmakers in Nigeria, it seems that with all the beneficial options included on its platform, the bookmaker is looking for spreading all over the world, for now, it can be compared to the top worldwide bookmakers.

Bet9ja Welcome bonus offers

Bet9ja’s team really want to impress new players, by giving them a welcome bonus, which is worth 100% of up to ₦100 000 plus 2 free bets on Bet9ja, which are worth ₦50 each, every single newly registered player can grab the welcome bonus offer. The 100% of up to ₦100 000 is based on your first deposit, as much as you deposit, as much as you can claim, this is completely free money, which can really be helpful, notice that the rules and requirements are very easy to follow, so you can make this amount withdrawable for no time.

What are the rules and requirements for claiming the welcome bonus offer from Bet9ja?

  • You can only take the bonus once,
  • The bonus can be claimed once per player, family member, IP address, address, credit/ debit card,
  • By receiving this welcome offer, you are going to receive additional 2 free bets on Bet9ja league,
  • Each bet is worth ₦50,
  • The amount that you deposit, in order to qualify for the welcome bonus, should be at least ₦100,
  • Immediately after you make your first deposit the bonus amount will be transferred to your account,
  • You need to roll over the bonus amount 10 times, in order to make it withdrawable,
  • The 2 free bets winning should be also rolled over, in order to make them withdrawable,
  • You have 30 days to finish the rollover process, if not the whole bonus winning, for now, will be taken from you,
  • The rollover odds should be at least 3.00, no matter if it is a single or multiple bet.

Bonuses bet9ja

Bonuses for an existing player from bet9ja

Bet9ja’s team also though about their existing players and included a lot of generous bonus offers for them, this frequent free money is the perfect way to motivate you and bet and win even more.

Bet9ja Rewards Bonus Program

All players of Bet9ja have the opportunity to take part in the Rewards bonus program, which can give them free money, based on their placed bets, winning and losses, No matter if you lose or win, you just need to place bets. This Bonus Rewards Program is the way of Bet9ja’s team to say “Thank you” to all their players for being part of their platform.

What is the simple formula of winning a lot of free money with the Rewards Bonus Program?

  • Place as many bets as you can, no matter if you win or lose. The awards in Rewards program are for active players, no matter if they are ahead or behind with money, every single bet is counted,
  • Earn Points for that. The points earned depend on how much money you used for placing bets and you don’t even need to register somewhere, by placing bets you are participating in the program, again you don’t even need to win those bets, the most important part is just to participate,
  • The final one is claiming rewards. At the end of every month, you are going to receive awards and as you already know that awards depend on your activity through that month. All the rewards you receive are depending on how much bets you placed through the last month. As much bets, you placed, as much you are going to receive as a reward.

What are the rank benefits, you can claim?

The following columns are as following: Rank, Multiplier, Required Points:

  • Blue - 1x - #,
  • Green - 1.5x - 10000,
  • Bronze - 2x - 20000,
  • Silver - 2.5x - 50000,
  • Gold - 3x - 100000,
  • Platinum - 3.5x - 250000,
  • Diamond - 4x - 1000000.

How to earn points?

As you already know, in order to earn points for Bet9ja Rewards Bonus Program, you should place as many bets, as you can, the more you place, the more you win. The following columns show how many points you can earn. The first column shows the bets placed and the second one is for the points for 100 nairas placed.

  • 1 to 2 - 1,
  • 3 to 4 - 2,
  • 5 to 8 - 3,
  • 9 to 13 - 5,
  • 14 to 20 - 7,
  • 21 or more - 10.

Titan Jackpots from Bet9ja

Another incredible bonus from Bet9ja is the Titan Jackpots, where you can win a lot of awards every single week, or as Titan Jackpots slogan says “Millionaires Guaranteed Every Week”.

Titan Jackpots are the top virtual jackpots in Nigeria, which allow you to win massive amounts every week, these winning can change your life by making you a millionaire. The rules are simple, you just need to place bets and become a millionaire. In order to receive the opportunity to win the Titan Jackpot, you should place bets in Bet9ja’s league, which really grown popularity through people for the last few years.

Titan Jackpots from Bet9ja

Bet9ja Predict 6 Scores and win up to ₦10 000 000

This is a massive bonus offer given from Bet9ja, which is quite new but already grown popularity through online betting players. You can simply get ₦10 000 000 for predicting 6 scores, for each round the top 20 players have guaranteed jackpots.

In order to participate in this bonus offer, you just need to log in to your account in Bet9ja and predict 6 scores, for every successful prediction you are awarded points, which later are calculated and the top 20 players in the rank receive a massive amount of money.

How many points, you are earning per successful prediction?

  • 1 point per correct result,
  • 10 points per correct score,
  • Max points allocated per match is 10.

You can see how much points you have for now in the Bet9ja Leaderboard, where you can also see how much money people earned for now. As you already see Bet9ja focused on giving a bonus for people who are active and play as much as they can, this bonus is also that kind, the more you play, the more you win, but here you should predict the final results, you are not receiving any rewards if you made a wrong prediction as it is in the Bet9ja Rewards Bonus Program.

Mobile Bonus Offers from Bet9ja

As leading online bookmakers in Nigeria, Bet9ja’s team developed amazing mobile application and mobile site version, by using them you can bet from wherever you are and whatever you do, you literally have the whole online betting world in your hands.

Through the mobile application and mobile site version, you are allowed to claim all the availabe bonus offers from the desktop version. The team of Bet9ja actually is considering all their players as equal, so there is no special bonus offers for mobile users, but don’t be disappointed you can still benefit from the other bonuses as we already mentioned.

Some people are even considering the opportunity to bet on the go as a bonus from Bet9ja, so you can still take advantage of the mobile application and mobile site version.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the benefits of participating in the Bet9ja Bonus Rewards Program?

A: Participating in Bet9ja’s Rewards Program has a lot of advantages, connected with winning massive amounts of money even if you are not doing well with the bets you placed through the month. You are basically awarded for playing on Bet9ja’s platform, you place bets, no matter if they are winning or losing, you are earning points, which at the end of the month are transferred to you free money.

Q: Can I withdraw my money, before completing the rollover process of the welcome bonus offer.

A: Unfortunately, in order to withdraw any money from your account, you should finish the rollover process, or the whole bonus amount will be cancelled.

Q: Are Bet9ja Bonuses can be claimed only from Nigerian players?

A: Bet9ja is an online bookmaker, which is only availabe for Nigerian players, not only the bonuses are only available for Nigerians, but in order to register for the bookmaker, you should be a Nigerian citizen.

Q: Are there any other bonuses availabe in Bet9ja, or the mentioned above are the only ones?

A: Of course not, by joining Bet9ja, you have access not only to the mentioned bonuses but to so many others. Bet9ja is trying to motivate its players, so they have a lot of generous bonus offers, be sure that you frequently check the “Promotions” section, because the team of Bet9ja is publishing new offers often, also there are some bonuses, which are released for an exact period of time.

Customer Support and Contacts

Bet9ja is always taking care of its players, so whenever you have some questions or face any problems, you can contact them, no matter if the problem is connected with the bonus offers or whatever else. You can use one of the following contact methods.


  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
  • Phones: 01-2796666, 0-15158888, 01-4405145, 08099990939,
  • Twitter Customer service,
  • Also, you can contact them on the contact page of the website, by sending a message.


Bet9ja is the top online bookmaker in Nigeria, if you are a sports betting fan or casino lover, you definitely will spend some fantastic time playing on Bet9ja’s platform.

You have access to so many different international sports betting options, sport betting markets, virtual sports, live sports betting options, extremely high odds, casino games, live casino games and also you can benefit from all the amazing features in Bet9ja’s official website.

Bet9ja knows that for every person bonus offers are very important, so Bet9ja’s team included a lot of massive bonus offers, including the giant Bonus Rewards Program, which is unique for Bet9ja, you can literally win money by playing, no matter if you win or lose.

This massive bonus offers from Bet9ja can be really motivational for so many people, they can help you earn some more or even get you back to the betting journey if you have not much money left in your account.

Don’t waste time, if you are sports betting fan or a casino lover, and you love massive bonus offers, join Bet9ja and start earing by the time you register and make your first deposit.