Bet9ja Review

Bet9ja is one of the most popular and leading bookmakers in Africa, they are targeting mainly Nigeria, but trying to grow and spread in more countries. Bet9ja’s website has an amazing design, rich sports betting section and a lot of additional features, like cash - out option. They really have what to offer to their players. The good part doesn’t stop here, they also offer a casino section with a lot of casino games and also a live casino section, where you can feel the atmosphere of a real casino by the real dealer of the table.

About Bet9ja

Bet9ja is a leading bookmaker, which is targeting mainly Nigeria, but looking for growth and spreading. The bookmaker is registered under KC Gaming Networks Ltd. and it is a completely legit bookmaker. Bet9ja is a proud sponsor and partner of the Nigerian National League and it really has grown popularity with that sponsorship. Bet9ja is offering to its clients the opportunity to choose from playing with real money or with virtual money to train themselves.

Design and Navigation of Bet9ja

The official website of Bet9ja follows all the main standards commonly used for most bookmakers. The colours used for the theme are green, grey, yellow and white for the font, which makes it very friendly to your eyes. The user - friendly interface gives you the opportunity to easily find whatever you are looking for.

Navigation Menu

The navigation placed right below the logo of the website is very well - developed and made a searching and jumping from category to category a very easy process for you. For every category, you have a subcategory to go even deeper.

  • Sports,
  • Live,
  • Casino,
  • Bet9ja Play,
  • Virtual,
  • Super9ja,
  • Fire Bets,
  • Mobile.

On the main page below the menu, you are able to find all the important information for the day and also the full list of games available for betting. Just in the middle below the menu, you can see all the amazing offers available in Bet9ja at the moment.

Navigation Menu Bet9ja

How to open an account in Bet9ja

The registration process in Bet9ja is a simple process as it is the usage of the website, it is not frustrating and no time - consuming, the registration can be finished within a few minutes.

How to register in Bet9ja (Step - by - Step)

  1. First of all, you need to click on the yellow registration button, which is right under the navigation menu on the right side. Then you are going to e redirected to the registration form. And you need to fill your:
    • E-mail,
    • First Name,
    • Last Name,
    • Date of birth,
    • Promo code (If you have one).
  2. After that click on “Next” and you only need to fill some account information like:
    • Username,
    • Password,
    • State,
    • Mobile Number.
  3. And the last thing is to click on “Create my Account” and you are ready, your account is opened.

How to verify your account

Few seconds after you created your personal account in Bet9ja, you are going to receive an e-mail with the verification link in there. The only thing you should do is to click on it and it’s done your account is verified.

How to verify your personal details

In order to follow Bet9ja policies and make thing legit, you need to verify your personal details, the process is as easy as it is the account verification. You need to prove your personal information and address. You can send a scanned copy or picture of the following documents, in order to do it:

  • ID Card,
  • Passport,
  • Driver’s licence,
  • Bank Statement,
  • Utility Bill,
  • Any other bill.

This verification is required if you want to withdraw money from your account if you don’t do it you are not going to be allowed to withdraw any money until you verify your personal details.

Payment Methods in Bet9ja

After you made your account, you need to deposit money, in order to start betting. The methods and limits are different for deposits and withdraws.

Deposit methods

For deposit methods in Bet9ja, you have a minimum limit of ₦100 for almost all of the methods, but there are some which are dependant from the card. For maximum limits again it depends on your card or online wallet. The good part is that you don’t need to wait because the deposits are instant.

  • Bank Wire Transfer,
  • Interswitch,
  • Nibss,
  • Emailmoni,
  • Paycorn,
  • GTBank,
  • Quickletter,
  • SkyeBank,
  • ATM,
  • Providus Bank.

Check the “Payments” section of Bet9ja’s official website, in order to see the full list of deposit methods and also more information for the limits for every method.


In order to withdraw you need to have at least ₦1000, and the maximum limit also depends. The waiting times also depends, but are usually done within 24 hours. The disadvantage here is that you can only use Bank Transfer for withdraws.

Payment Methods Bet9ja

Bonus offers in Bet9ja

For helping new players and also existing players to make some easy money, Bet9ja have offers, which are more than tempting. Bet9ja knows what bonus offers to publish to satisfy all people, who are members of their website.

Welcome Bonus offer from Bet9ja

Bet9ja is very generous with the welcome bonus offer, which allows you to get 100% from up to ₦100000. Every new player can grab that bonus, but of course, you need to follow some rules and requirements. First, you need to be a new player and you can take the bonus on your first deposit.

  • You can only take the bonus once,
  • You are not allowed to open a second account to take the bonus again,
  • The amount that you deposit must be at least ₦100,
  • You need to roll over the bonus 10 times, in order to make it withdrawable,
  • The rollover odds should be at least 3.00, no matter if it is a single or multiple bet.

Bet9ja Rewards program

For being appreciative for your choice of choosing Bet9ja, they have a massive rewards program, which gives an opportunity for all of you to win some extra money.
There are three easy steps for explaining the program.

  • Place as many bets as you can, no matter if you win or lose them. The awards in Rewards program are for active players, no matter if they are ahead or behind with money,
  • Earn Point for that. The point earned depend on how much money you used for placing bets and you don’t even need to register somewhere, by placing bets you are participating in the program,
  • The final one is claiming rewards. At the end of every month, you are going to receive awards and as you already know that awards depend on your activity through that month. The more you played,
  • the more you win. That is the way of Bet9ja for saying “Thank you” to their players for choosing them.

Let’s see what are the rank benefits, the columns are as following - Rank, Multiplier, Points Required.

  • Blue - 1x - #,
  • Green - 1.5x - 10000,
  • Bronze - 2x - 20000,
  • Silver - 2.5x - 50000,
  • Gold - 3x - 100000,
  • Platinum - 3.5x - 250000,
  • Diamond - 4x - 1000000.

And now let’s see what you need to do in order to earn points. The first column is the selections or bets, the second is Points per 100 Naira Staked:

  • 1 to 2 - 1,
  • 3 to 4 - 2,
  • 5 to 8 - 3,
  • 9 to 13 - 5,
  • 14 to 20 - 7,
  • 21 or more - 10.

Sports Betting in Bet9ja

As a leading bookmaker in Nigeria Bet9ja is offering a lot of different sports betting option for their players. The odds are very high, compared to almost all of the bookmakers worldwide. You are not only going to be satisfied with betting, but you have the chance of winning a lot of money.

  • Soccer,
  • Soccer Zoom,
  • GoalScorrer,
  • Tennis,
  • Basketball,
  • Esports,
  • Motor Sports,
  • Volleyball,
  • MMA,
  • Boxing,
  • Table Tennis,
  • Darts,
  • HandBall,
  • Ice Hockey.

For the full list of available sports, visit the Bet9ja’s official website and click on the “Sports” section.

Sports Betting in Bet9ja

Probably the most interest people have for the soccer section, where you can place bets on one of the most famous leagues like:

  • England Premier League,
  • Netherlands Eredivisie,
  • Spain Primera Division,
  • Germany Bundesliga,
  • Italy Serie A,
  • Turkey Super Lig.

We are including here the second and third divisions of all these and so many more, which full list you can see again on the “Sports” section of Bet9ja’s website.

Live Betting in Bet9ja

The live betting section of Bet9ja combines satisfaction from betting, a lot of games available, real - time results and statistics, opportunity to bet while the game is in progress and really high odds. When an exact game is live, every single second the odds are changing you can catch a really high one, which really increases the chances of winning even more.

The team of Bet9ja though about their customers comfort and allow them to choose if they want to see their games in a

  • MultiBet,
  • Event View,
  • Multi - View,
  • Calendar.

The Calendar is something really helpful for live betting fans, which allow them to see all the matches through a certain period of time.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports really have grown popularity not only in Nigeria but all over the world, so Bet9ja offer that betting opportunity. The virtual sports available are:

  • Virtual Football,
  • Virtual Tennis,
  • Virtual Horse Racing,
  • Virtual Dog Racing.

No matter that compared to other bookmakers, Bet9ja don’t have a lot of choice between virtual sports, they grouped the most popular ones, which give you the highest chance of winning a lot of money and receiving a lot of satisfaction. Also, Bet9ja worked hard to give you the opportunity to watch theses virtual games in very good graphics, you also have statistics for every game.

What features does Bet9ja have

Accompanied with the wide variety of sports markets and games available, very high odds and all other advantages Bet9ja has, they also offer a lot of fantastic features that can help you even more for your betting experience on their platform.

Live Stream

Fans of live betting will be happy to hear that Bet9ja has a live stream option for almost all of the live games available, the only thing you should need to care about here is a reliable internet connection.

Cash - out option

To have full control of your placed bets, Bet9ja allow you to use cash - out. You can easily secure your profits or reduce losses by closing earlier a bet which is lost already. Bet9ja gave you two wats of cash - out, Live Cash Out or Pre - Game Cash Out, which is a unique feature, you are not going to see that in other bookmakers. You both have the opportunity to cash out, while the game is in progress and to get your winning before the start of a game.

Bet9ja Play

Bet9ja Play gives you the opportunity to place bets on the Premier League, La Liga, dog racing, and horse racing. Its interface is a tiny screen on the left side of Bet9ja’s website where you can see everything happening. On the right side of the screen are shown the scores of the match, which is only for the Premier League and La Liga, for the racing, rankings are shown, the bottom half shows the odds as well as the results of the previous game or race. Notice that you have to log into your Bet9ja account, in order to place your bets.

Soccer Zoom

The Soccer Zoom is a new brand virtual soccer offered from Bet9ja, which have different football leagues with real teams and leagues names, but the results are randomly simulated. The advantage here is that you can bet on the Soccer Zoom every day. Let’s see the available leagues:

  • Bundes Zoom,
  • Liga Zoom,
  • Ligue1 Zoom,
  • Premier Zoom,
  • Primeira Zoom,
  • SerieA Zoom.

The names of every league are equivalents of the real ones, for example, the Bundes Zoom is the German Bundesliga.

Mobile Application and Site Version of Bet9ja’s Website

It is not a secret that almost all of the people in Nigeria are always in a hurry and don’t have time to sit in front of the computer, in order to place a bet, so that they miss placing some. But not anymore, Bet9ja has very impressive mobile site version and application, in order to give the opportunity for their clients to bet from wherever they are. You are able to download the application for Android on your smartphone and start playing while you are on the go.

  1. First, open Bet9ja’s website and click on mobile,
  2. Chose what you want to download, the casino or the sportsbook,
  3. Before you start installing be sure that you thick the “Unknown sources” in your smartphones “Security” section,
  4. Then start downloading,
  5. Click on install,
  6. Wait a few seconds and you are ready.

Bet9ja’s Casino

Bet9ja also though about the casino lovers. The platform offers a lot of different casino games such as table games, slots, Tv Games etc. When you open the casino section you can choose whatever you want from the navigation menu.

  • Top games,
  • Popular,
  • Table Games,
  • Live Casino,
  • TV Games,
  • Arcade,
  • Roulette,
  • Numbers,
  • Slots.

Really good opportunity given from Bet9ja is to first try the game you chose with virtual money and then start with real ones, that will really help you get some experience and increase your profits.

Bet9ja’s Casino

Bet9ja’s casino popular games

The biggest profits and satisfaction comes from the most popular games, which are played by a lot of people. When you click on the “Popular” section you are able to see all those games and also buttons for playing with either virtual or real money, also information button and button for putting the game in favourites.

  • Champions,
  • Lucky Dice,
  • Roulette,
  • Classic BlackJack,
  • The Big Match,
  • Hi/Lo Cards,
  • Pirate Island,
  • Africa Wild,
  • Royal Hi/Lo,
  • American Roulette,
  • African Roulette,
  • Spin And Win,
  • Hi/Lo Trips.

Bet9ja’s Live Casino

For casino fans, who want to feel the atmosphere of a real casino, Bet9ja has a Live Casino section, where you can play games with real dealers, with whom you can chat, you are provided with a real - time video, which will make the satisfaction from playing even more.

  • Live BlackJack,
  • Live Baccarat,
  • Live Roulette,
  • Live Lottery,
  • Live Texas Hold’em Poker,
  • Live American Roulette.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it free to open an account in Bet9ja?

A: Opening an account in Bet9ja is a completely free process, it will cost you nothing.

Q: What can I do if I forgot my password?

A: If that happens do not panic, just click on the “Forgotten Password” on the login page and you will receive an e-mail for additional information and link for creating a new password.

Q: How can I change my username?

A: Unfortunately, you are not allowed to do this, once you created your username, you can not change it.

Q: Am I charged for depositing or withdrawing money?

A: There are no additional fees for both deposits and withdraws.

Q: Can I use my international card for payments?

A: Unfortunately, you can only use your Nigerian card for payments in Bet9ja.

Bet9ja Customer Support and Contacts

If you have any question or problems feel free to contact the customer support of Bet9ja, they will help you solve the problem or will answer the question easily and fast. You can use the following methods.

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
  • Phones: 01-2796666, 0-15158888, 01-4405145, 08099990939,
  • Twitter Customer service,

Also, you can contact them on the contact page of the website, by sending a message.

Why you should join Bet9ja

The easiest way to show you why you should join Bet9ja is to group all the advantages of doing that.

What are the advantages of joining Bet9ja?

  • Very High Odds,
  • Tons of Alternative Markets,
  • Lots of outrights and special bets available,
  • Fantastic Live Betting section,
  • Generous Welcome Bonus,
  • Live Stream,
  • Cash - out feature,
  • Very suitable for sports betting,
  • Mobile application and site version,
  • Loyalty Program,
  • A lot of different bonus offers.

What are the disadvantages of joining Bet9ja?

  • Available only in Nigeria,
  • Only Naira Currency,
  • There are no Asian Handicaps.

Conclusion of the Online Nigerian Bookmaker Bet9ja

If you are from Nigeria and you are a sports betting or casino fans, you should really consider joining Bet9ja, there is no better bookmaker on the market for Nigeria. You are going to receive all the thing you need to have a really nice experience, satisfaction and a lot of winning while betting on your favourite games, not only from your computer but wherever you are because Bet9ja developed a fantastic mobile application and site version with stunning design and no bugs or problems. By using the mobile version or application you have access to all of the betting markets, casino games, high odds, features that the desktop version offers to you.

The generous bonus offers need to be mentioned too, they can really help you to start or continue your betting journey in Bet9ja. If you are a sports or casino fans, you should probably think of joining Bet9ja right now.