Accumulator Betting at Bet9ja

Bet9ja is an online bookmaker, which is quite popular in Africa. When it was started, Bet9ja was only available for players who live in Nigeria, but now, Bet9ja is available in a lot more countries. Joining Bet9ja is one of the best choices for both players who love sports betting, and also a casino and live casino. The bookmaker has a very rich casino section, which offers a wide variety of different casino games, and also has one of the best sports betting section through online bookies, which allows you to bet on lots of different markets, the odds are just as high as possible, and also is one of the bookies that has the best loyalty programs. So, in the article below, we from, are going to focus on sports betting at Bet9ja, and more specifically, we are going to focus on accumulator betting.

What are accumulator bets?

Before moving forward with Bet9ja accumulator betting, let’s first see what are these types of bets. The good news is that Accumulator bets are quite popular, and if you ever placed bets before, you probably placed exactly them without even knowing. Actually, accumulator bets are just single bets, which combine more than one selection in it. And that is it, you place one bet, which consists of more than one event in it.

And if you are a little bit frustrated, or you want to know more about accumulator bets, you can check our Accumulator betting article, where we from, has revealed everything connected with that type of betting.

Now, Bet9ja is one of the best options for accumulator betting, simply because the odds for almost every market are so high so that once you group them, you are going to receive a lot in return once you win your accumulator. And to help you in accumulator betting at Bet9ja, above, we from, are going to give you some essential tips for placing that bet. As you can suggest, accumulator bets are a little bit harder to be won, simply because you should successfully predict not only 1 event, but multiple, so be sure to follow our tips, and advice, so that you should not underestimate any of them.

How to place an accumulator bet at Bet9ja?

It is very important to know how you can actually place that Accumulator bets at Bet9ja, but the good news is that the steps are very easy, and once we show you how you are not going to have any problems in the future. So, stay alert, so that you can remember how to do it. Let’s not waste any more time, but see the step - by - step guide on how to place accumulator bets at Bet9ja.

  1. To begin with, you should open the official website of Bet9ja,
  2. Next, you have to log in to your account, or if you do not have one, you can create one (And to help you, even more, we from, created a full Bet9ja Registration Guide),
  3. Once you opened your account at the bookie, you have to enter the sports betting section of Bet9ja,
  4. And then, you have to choose the events you want to put in your accumulator bet,
  5. Next, you have to put them in your bet slip, which can be easily done by clicking on the market you want to bet on,
  6. And after you filled your bet slip with all the events on which you want to bet, you need to move forward and type how much you want to bet (Knowing how much to bet is another essential step, but if you are frustrated, do not worry, we from, also have a “Bankroll Management” guide),
  7. And finally, you only need to click on the green “Bet” button, which is below the bet slip.

Important Moments before placing a bet at Bet9ja

Our major purpose is to teach you how you can place not only accumulator bets at Bet9ja but how you can place successful bets at Bet9ja, bets that can give you a lot in return, bets which chance of winnings are maximized. So, in the next few lines, we from, are going to give you some important moments, which you have to take care of before you even started to put selections to your bet slip:

  • You need to have an account at Bet9ja,
  • You have to make sure that you have enough funds for placing the bet you want,
  • One of the most important steps is to make solid research for every single event that you want to put in your bet slip,
  • You must be aware of Bankroll management, in order to know how exactly to stake on each accumulator bet,
  • You should never place too many selections on your bet slip.

Important calculations for accumulator bets

How to calculate your overall odds and your potential winnings?

When you put all of the selection to your bet slip, you will notice that your overall odds are automatically calculated, also after you type how much you want to bet, the potential winnings are also calculated, but we always advise you to check that by yourself, and do the calculations manually, especially when you are placing live bets. So, the best way to understand how you can do the calculations for both overall odds and potential winnings is to give you examples:

Example of calculating overall odds:

So, let’s say that you want to add 4 selections to your bet slip, which has odds of :

  • 2.34,
  • 1.87,
  • 1.65,
  • 1.95.

How you can calculate the overall odds? You just have to multiply them in the following way:

2.34 * 1.87 * 1.65 * 1.95 = 14.0791365, or your overall odds will bet 14.08

How to calculate your potential winnings?

Now, as you already know your overall odds, let’s see how you can calculate your potential winnings? To do that you only have to follow the formula below:

Overall odds * Stake = Potential Winnings

So, let’s say that you want to bet ₦ 500, so you can easily do the calculations:

14.08 (Overall Odds) * ₦ 500 (Stake) = ₦ 7040 (Potential Winnings)

Bet9ja Live Accumulator Betting

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a member of Bet9ja for accumulator betting is that the bookie also allows you to place live accumulator bets, which are of course more profitable, as the odds for live events are escalating very quickly so that you can combine events with a lot higher odds. So, if you want to make your accumulator betting journey at Bet9ja even more thrilling, and of course, win a lot more money, you have to focus on live accumulator betting. And do not forget that Bet9ja offers you to bet on a wide variety of daily live events.

But, when you are about to place live accumulator bets at Bet9ja things become a little bit more difficult so that you have to be very careful, you have to know exactly how much to bet, and also you should be aware of a few more things, that we from, are going to list you below.

What are the tips for placing live accumulator bets at Bet9ja?

  1. You should never put a lot of selections to your live accumulators, just remember that with every selection that you add, you decrease your chances of winning, no matter that you increase your potential winnings. So, be sure that you add only events, which have a very high potential for winning.
  2. The research for the accumulator bets is again valid, but here is under another form, which is to watch the live stream of the game that you want to bet on. By watching the stream, you are going to have a clear mind about what is happening in the game, which team has higher chances of winnings, at all how both teams are playing, and which is better.
  3. The last advice that we from, are going to give you, is to always try to catch the highest odds. Unfortunately, the odds are changing every single minute, so that you can only learn how to do it by practicing, so just open your account at Bet9ja, and place your first accumulator bet now.

Bet9ja Mobile Accumulator Betting

When we are talking about Bet9ja, we just cannot skip mentioning the option to place bets using your smartphone. It is not a secret that over the past few years players from all over the world started to use their smartphones a lot more than their computers, and the major reason for that is the lack of time, and also smartphones are preferred because of the comfort, which they give you, and the ability to place bets from wherever you are and whatever you do. After knowing all of that, the team of Bet9ja developed two unique mobile platforms, the mobile site version, and the mobile application, which both gives you full access to accumulator betting.

So, if you want to place accumulator bets using your smartphone at Bet9ja, you can use the mobile site version in the first place. The mobile site version of Bet9ja is the mobile platform, which allows you to directly place bets without downloading and installing any additional software, but directly access it through your mobile browser. Actually, the biggest disadvantage of the mobile site version is exactly the fact that it is dependent on your mobile browser, as you can face some problems with bugs, and sometimes even crashes. And last but not least, the mobile site version consumes a lot more mobile data than the mobile app, which is the second option for mobile betting at Bet9ja. The good news is that the mobile site version is giving you full access to accumulator betting, and everything else, which is available on the desktop site of the bookie.

So, if you want to avoid all the technical problems that you may face with the mobile site version, and also if you want to save some mobile data, you can focus on the mobile app of Bet9ja, which for no doubt is the better mobile platform of the bookie. The mobile app is a separate platform, so it works perfectly when it comes to technical work. Also, do not forget that the mobile data consumed from the mobile app is also less than the mobile site version. We can talk a lot more about the fascinating mobile app of Bet9ja, but we suggest you check out all the details about it in our Bet9ja Mobile App Review. And you just need to know that no matter if you choose the mobile site version of Bet9ja or the mobile application, you are going to be satisfied with the mobile accumulator betting journey that you will receive.

Bonus Offers from Bet9ja for accumulator bets

Another huge advantage of Bet9ja accumulator betting is that the bookie is offering some bonuses that can be claimed for that type of betting specifically. So, without wasting more time, let’s see them:

Cut 1

The first bonus offer from Bet9ja, which is specific for accumulator bets is the Cut 1. Cut 1 is a simple bonus offer, which guarantees you a profit even if you lose one selection from your accumulator bet. But, in order to qualify for this bonus offer, you have to follow some simple rules and requirements:

  • Your accumulator bet should have at least 5 selections in it,
  • In order to qualify for this bonus, you have to select the “Cut 1” option in your bet slip,
  • Once you choose that option your odds will be lowered,
  • Your winnings will be determined by the losing event,
  • You can lose only 1 selection to qualify for that bonus,
  • You can use the Cut 1 bonus offer for any type of multiple sports betting.

170% Multiple Boost

The second bonus offer that you can claim for your accumulator betting journey at Bet9ja is called 170% Multiple Boost. This bonus offer is again very simple, and it simply gives you a certain percent as a bonus on winnings accumulators, depending on how many events you have in your accumulator. Now, let’s see how does that bonus word:

  • The 170% Multiple Bonus is calculated on multiple bets with at least 5 selections,
  • The bonus starts at 5% of the potential winnings, and is increased by 5% for each event you add to your bet slip,
  • The maximum percentage that you can reach is 170%,
  • In order to qualify for this bonus, you have to add only events with at least 1.20 odds,
  • Void events are not counting for this bonus,
  • The more selections you add, the higher is the bonus.

Now, let’s see an example of some of the number of events, and how much is the % bonus.

  • 5 events - 5 %,
  • 6 events - 10 %
  • 7 events - 15 %
  • 8 events - 20 %
  • 9 events - 25 %
  • 10 events - 30 %
  • ….
  • 34 events - 150 %
  • 35 events - 155 %
  • 36 events - 160 %
  • 37 events - 165 %
  • 38 events or more - 170 %

There are a lot more bonus offers, which you can claim for your accumulator betting journey at Bet9ja, which full list, and full details about terms and conditions you can see in our Bet9ja Bonus Offers Review, or you can also enter the official website of Bet9ja, and go to the “Promotions” section.

Top 5 Advice for Placing only Successful Accumulator Bets at Bet9ja

And after you know simply everything about accumulator betting at Bet9ja, also how to place live accumulator bets, we from, want to make things even better for you, and we want to help you maximize your winnings, and of course, always make profits, so that we are going to give you some essential advice on how to place successful accumulator bets at Bet9ja.

Advice 1: Always Make a Research

The first, and probably one of the most valuable advice that we from, are going to give you is that you always have to make research before adding any of the selections to your bet slip. Making research can totally change the chance of winnings, only a little bit of research can help you reach the top, and help you always end up the month in profits. And to help you understand that, we are going to give you some facts for which you have to watch when you are making research:

  • You have to look at both teams condition,
  • You have to look at the previous matches of both teams,
  • You also need to check the previous direct matches between both teams,
  • You have to look at the conditions of both team/ teams,
  • You also should look for new start players joining one of the teams,
  • And the opposite, are there any key players missing.

There are a lot more things for which you have to look for, but you will understand that once you start researching.

Advice 2: Never put too many selections

Something which is quite apparent, and something that we already mentioned, is that you should never add too many selections to your bet slip. And you can already suggest why. With every selection that you add to your bet slip, you are actually decreasing your chances of winnings, and the fact that you increase your overall odds, also potential winnings becomes pointless if you lose the bet in the end. So, remember, you should never add a lot of selections to your bet slip.

Advice 3: Manage your Bankroll

The third advice that we from are going to give you is that you must be aware of Bankroll Managements. Actually, most of the beginners, and the sad fact that some of the intermediate and even experts in betting are underestimating that so that they are not earning the maximum that they can. So, you should avoid that mistake and learn how to Successfully Manage your Bankroll.

Advice 4: Be careful with live accumulators

Live Accumulators are the bets that can drastically increase your odds, also can bring a lot of satisfaction from accumulator betting, but they also hide a lot of traps. No matter that live accumulators are so profitable, they can be also the reason why you go bankrupt. So, you should never let the high odds influence you, just follow the 3 advice from above, and you are going to win as much as possible, and last but not least, you are going to feel the real thrill from accumulator betting at Bet9ja.

Advice 5: Take advantages of the bonus offers

The last advice connected with Accumulator Bets at Bet9ja is of course to take advantage of the bonus offer that the team of Bet9ja is giving you access. Lots of players are not claiming the many bonuses thinking that they are not going to give them anything in return, but that is not true, bonuses are made to give you free money and to motivate you often, and in order to claim them you only have to follow some simple rules and requirements. And if you want to know more about Bet9ja Bonus Offers, you are free to check our Bet9j Bonus Offers Review, where you are going to find all the details about all the bonuses, and the terms and conditions of them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bet9ja Accumulator Betting

Q: What will happen if I lose 1 selection of my accumulator bet?

A: Usually, if you lose 1 selection of your bet slip, you are going to lose the whole bet, as accumulator bets are bets, which requires you to win all of the selections in it. But, if you are placing accumulator bets at Bet9ja, you can benefit from the Cut 1 Bonus Offer, which allows you to still win if you lose one selection.

Q: Is there an exact number of selections that my accumulator should consist of?

A: There is not an exact number of selections that your accumulator bet should consist of, but we from, highly recommend you, to not add too many selections. You just have to find the perfect balance for you, between high odds, and high chances of winning, but you should never add more than 6 - 7 selections if you still want to win as much as possible, but not lose the bet.

Q: Are there any other bonus offers for accumulator betting at Bet9ja apart from the mentioned above?

A: Unfortunately, the only bonus offers from Bet9ja, which are specific for accumulator betting are the Cut 1, and the 170 Multiple Boost, but for now, as Bet9ja is growing every single day, you can be sure that the bookie will introduce new bonuses in a very short period of time. And also, you can claim all of the other bonuses, which are for sports, and of course, use them for accumulator betting.

Q: What will happen if I win 5 selections from my accumulator of 7 selections, is the Cut 1 bonus offers qualify?

A: Unfortunately, if you lose 2 selections from your 7 selections accumulator bet, you are going to lose the bet, as the bonus offer Cut 1 is only available for accumulators, which lost only 1 selection.

In summary

Bet9ja is one of the online bookmakers, which were published before a very short period of time, but the high-quality betting services and options help them grow a lot, and only for a few years. So, as you already know Bet9ja started as a small online bookie for Nigeria, but now, the bookmaker is available in a lot of countries from all over the world, and the predictions are that the bookie will continue growing with every single day passed. So, for the sports betting lovers of Bet9ja, we have good news, you can access a wide variety of different sports betting options, including lots of markets, events, also high odds, and the best part about it is that the accumulator betting at Bet9ja is giving you a lot of different betting chances, for which you already know all about from the article above. But, the team of Bet9ja also thought about its casino lovers and introduced a very rich casino section, where you can enjoy playing lots of casino games, live casino games, and the best part is that you can claim a lot of generous bonus offer. So, if you want to know more about the amazing casino of Bet9ja, you just can check our Bet9ja Casino Review, or open your account at the bookie and go to the section. Overall, no matter if you are about to join Bet9ja to play in the casino, or to bet on sports, especially if you are an accumulator betting fan, you are going to be pleased that you join it, and you are going to get the maximum of it.