22bet Verification

Why do I need to verify my account?

22bet is one of the leading online bookmakers, which actually is for quite a short time on the market. No matter that 22bet managed to spread almost all over the world, and this was only possible because of the high-quality services and betting options, which the bookmaker is giving to its players. All these betting options, bonus offers, and payment methods are perfect for online scammers that see a lot of potential in 22bet, so the only way for the bookmaker to prevent any scammers from joining is to ask for a KYC verification, which will prove your identity and approve you are not a scammer, who only want to join 22bet to scam. The KYC verification is actually not a hard verification process, if you provided true information about you when you opened your account.

How to pass KYC verification?

The verification process in 22bet cannot be skipped, it is a must when you join the bookmaker. The KYC (Know Your Customer) verification, as we already mentioned is nothing too hard to pass if you entered valid details about you when you opened your account. If you do not pass the KYC verification, you may face some problems connected with payments, 22bet will not allow you to deposit or withdraw any money in your account, without passing the verification. In order to pass the verification, you only need to send 22bet some documents about you, it can be passed for less than a few minutes.

The Know Your Customer verification in 22bet proves your identity and address, so the bookmaker will prevent any scammers from joining, not only 22bet will be secure, but also you will be sure that there are no players who want to harm you. Now, to pass the KYC verification you should send the bookmaker some documents, a scanned copy or a picture is good. The verification process consists of 2 parts:

Personal Details Verification, for the first part of the verification you should send 22bet a scanned copy or a picture of one of the following documents

  • ID Card - Both Front and Back,
  • Passport - Photo and the Cover Page,
  • Driver’s Licence - Photo, name, and signature.

The second part of the verification is to verify your address, you only need to send 22bet a scanned copy or a picture of one of the following documents

  • Utility Bill - Where your name and address is clearly visible,
  • Bank or Credit Card Statement - Again name and current address should be clearly visible,
  • Local Authority Tax Bill - Where name, address, and tax ID number are clearly visible.

All the documents for address verification should not be older than 3 months.

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How long do you have to wait for the KYC verification?

As you already saw, sending the required documents for verifying your account can be done within a few minutes, but this is only true if you entered only valid details about you when registering. After you send your verification documents, the team of 22bet should review and approve them, this may take some time, but if everything is ok, your account could be verified for less than 24 hours. Notice that the verification waiting time depends on you, if you send the documents on a business day, they will be reviewed and approved faster, also be sure to send only clear pictures, where everything required for the verification is visible.

The maximum waiting time for the verification is 7 days, but everything is going well, the KYC verification will be passed within 24 hours. If you send your documents and 7 days passed, but you still do not receive an answer you should contact the customer support agents of 22bet. Notice that if you provided wrong information while opening an account, or while sending your documents, the verification process may not be passed, you can even get rejected, until you send the bookmaker valid documents. Be completely sure that you provided only valid information when you open your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I finish the KYC verification in 22bet through my smartphone?

A: You can send 22bet the required documents for the verification using both the mobile website version and mobile application of the bookmaker.

Q: Is it safe to share my documents with 22bet?

A: 22bet is one of the most popular, trusted and licenced online bookmakers, so it is more than safe to send the required documents, also for additional security, 22bet is using high-encrypted technologies to protect your personal details from third party.

Q: Why 22bet needs the whole information from my ID card?

A: 22bet want to prove your identity, not the whole information is required, you can cover the one, which the bookmaker is not asking for, when you are taking the picture.

Q: Are there any restricted countries from which I cannot join 22bet?

A: Unfortunately, there are some countries from which you are not allowed to join 22bet, but the bookmaker is trying to spread all over the world, so if your country is in the list, which you can find on the official website of the bookmaker, in the future, you may be able to join 22bet.

In Summary

22bet is one of the leading online bookmakers, which is on the market for quite a short time, but already managed to gain a lot of popularity through online players. By joining 22bet, you are going to have access to a lot of different sports betting options and markets, live betting section, casino and live casino games, bonus offers, features and so many others, this is exactly why scammers see a lot of potential in 22bet.

Actually, the bookmaker faced a lot of problems with online scammers, who want to join over the past few years. The only way for the bookmaker to prevent any scammers from joining is to ask for the Know Your Customer verification, which as you already know can be passed for less than a few minutes.