Nairabet Bonus Code

One of the online bookmakers, which really pushed ahead the sports betting level in Nigeria is Nairabet. The bookmaker is quite young, but already showed, that has what to offer to its players, in order to make them feel satisfied. By joining Narabet, you are going to have full access to a lot of sports betting options and sports betting markets, which actually made Nairabet popular.

The bookmaker is known as the provider of one of the highest odds for football games. The team of Nairabet also though about the fans of other betting options, so in the bookmaker, you also have access to a lot of virtual sports, eSports, live betting, casino games, you also can benefit from the features. Nairabet knows that for online betting players, bonus offers are so important, so you are able to claim a lot of bonus offers almost every single day.

Welcome Bonus offer from Nairabet

The first bonus offer from Nairabet is the welcome bonus offer, which can be claimed from every newly registered player, who didn’t make a deposit yet. The welcome bonus offer from Nairabet is worth 100% of your first stake, which is unique for the bookmaker, notice that this can be very beneficial for you. In order to claim this bonus, you should follow some rules and requirements:

  • The welcome bonus offer from Nairabet is available only for your first bet placed,
  • You should bet on at least four games in an accumulator bet or a bet slip,
  • Every single game should have odds of at least 1.20,
  • You are going to receive 100% of the amount placed for your first bet as a bonus,
  • The minimum award you can claim is ₦50 and the maximum award you can claim is ₦50 000,
  • You should use the bonus amount within 24 hours of receiving it,
  • You are only able to use the bonus amount on sports betting,
  • You should use the bonus amount on bets with at least odds of 3.00, every bet with total odds less than 3.0 are not counted,
  • You should place a bet with the award, that is the kind for rollover,
  • You are not able to use this welcome bonus offer with another one at the same time,
  • If you do not follow the rules and requirements, the welcome bonus will be canceled and the bonus amount will be withdrawn from your account.

Welcome Bonus offer from Nairabet

Bonus offers from Nairabet for existing players

Nairabet’s team also though about its existing players and have a lot of generous bonus offers for them, which can be claimed almost every single day, the bonus offers in Nairabet never ends. 

One Game Cut Your Ticket

If you are a betting lover, you should agree that the biggest pain in online betting is losing a whole bet (for example with 15 games) and only one is lost, you are going to miss a lot of winning, so Nairabet wants to prevent this pain and offer you this bonus offer. This bonus offer is actually available in other bookmakers, but they will return you only the amount of the stake, but Nairabet will give you part of the potential winnings. In order to qualify for this bonus offer you should follow some simple rules and requirement:

  • Only accumulator bets of at least 10 games qualify for this bonus offer,
  • You should lose only one game to take the bonus,
  • Every single game on the accumulator should have odds of at least 1.20, if just one game has less than 1.20 odds, the ticket is not eligible for the bonus,
  • If you add additional 11th game with odds less than 1.20, the whole ticket is ineligible for the bonus,
  • You are going to take the potential winnings from the winning games one the accumulator bet,
  • You are going to take 10% of your expected winning minus the bonuses, minus the game that is lost,
  • This bonus offer is available only for sports betting and all sports games are participating in the bonus,
  • If you don’t follow the simple rules and requirements of the bonus, it will be canceled and you are not going to receive any compensation.

Nairabet Cash-Out: Never Lose A Bet Again

Another amazing bonus offer from Nairabet is the Cash-out, which actually means you are not going to lose a bet again. No matter, if the bet you placed is winning or losing you can make some money. The cash-out bonus is perfect for players who love risky bets and also for people who want to secure winning and prevent any loss. For live bets, you can withdraw your placed money whenever you want, you can take your money if the bet is winning and you want to secure your winning, or if the game is not going well you can also take your winning just to be sure, also if the bet is already lost, you can take some compensation of your placed money. 

Notice that the amount you can cash-out will be changing with every single minute passed, also if something happens which will increase or decrease your chances of winning your bet. For accumulator bets, if only one game left for winning the ticket, but the game is actually risky, you are free to withdraw your winnings and secure them. 

Nairabet Cash-Out: Never Lose A Bet Again

Edit Bets

One of the bonus offers, which pushed Nairabet’s reputation ahead in Africa is the Edit bet’s bonus. You literally can edit your already placed accumulator bets. If you made a mistake or changed your mind about your bets, you are allowed to change the already placed accumulator bet. Notice, that you should follow some rules and requirements for qualifying for this bonus:

  • Edit Bets bonus offer is available for every single sports game,
  • In order to qualify for this bonus, your accumulator bet should have at least 5 events,
  • You can even delete some event from the accumulator bet you placed, but this is only possible if after that the number of events is not less than 5,
  • You are free to add new bets to your placed accumulator bet,
  • You are allowed to increase your stake,
  • You are not allowed to decrease your stake,
  • You are allowed to decrease your bets only once for each accumulator.

Customer to Customer Transfer from Nairabet

Another beneficial and unique bonus for Nairabet is the customer to customer transfer, which can help every single player of the bookmaker, which is in need of money for the moment. This bonus is available to every single Nairabet player and in order to do it you should only enter the receiver username and the amount you want to transfer. Notice that there are some other rules and requirements, you should follow to complete the customer to customer transfer:

  • The minimum amount for each transfer from customer to customer is 50.00 NGN,
  • The maximum amount is 1000.00 NGN per day,
  • You are not allowed to make customer to customer transfers if your account has been suspended,
  • You account should be made before at least 30 days, in order to unlock the customer to customer transfers,
  • You should enter the username, which you should check carefully, in order to not send money to someone else,
  • After you finish the customer to customer transfer, the amount will be withdrawn from your account and will be sent to the receiver’s account.

Customer to Customer Transfer from Nairabet

Payment Methods in Nairabet

Nairabet wants to make everything possible to make its players feel comfortable and secure, so all of the payment methods don’t have any minimum or maximum limits, also you can be more than sure that you are secure when making a payment, notice that there are not any additional fees for transactions. For the deposit methods, there are no waiting times, all the deposits are instant. For the withdraws, things are a little bit different, withdraw can take up to 1 business day, which actually is quite fast compared to other bookmakers. 

  • Visa Card,
  • MasterCard,
  • GTBank,
  • Sberbank,
  • Verve.

For the full list of payment methods in Nairabet, you should go to the Payments section of the official website of the bookmaker, or just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I have placed an accumulator bet with 4 games in it, why can’t I find it in the Bet Editing listings?

A: Unfortunately, you are not allowed to change this accumulator, you are only allowed to edit accumulators with at least 5 games in them.

Q: Where I can find the bonus codes for claiming bonus offers in Nairabet?

A: You do not need to enter any bonus codes to claim any of the bonus offers in Nairabet. If you qualify for a bonus in Nairabet, the bookmaker will automatically give it to you.

Q: Why Nairabet is not giving me the second bonus I claimed?

A: Unfortunately, you are not allowed to claim two bonus offers from Nairabet at the same time, you need to wait 24 hours in order to be eligible for claiming the next one.

Q: Are there any other bonus offers in Nairabet, or all of them are the mentions above?

A: Nairabet has a lot of bonus offers, which you can see in the “Promotions” section of the official website of the bookmaker. Be sure to check frequently, because Nairabet is publishing new bonus offers often.

Q: Are there any bonus offers for mobile users from Nairabet?

A: Nairabet is considering its players as equal, so there are no specific bonus offers for mobile users, but do not be disappointed, you can still claim all of the bonus offers, which are available at the desktop site.

Customer Support and Contacts

As you already know Nairabet’s priority is to make its players feel comfortable and secure, when playing on the bookmaker’s platform. So if you ever have some questions or face some problems, you should contact Nairabet’s customer support agents, who are always going to help you fast, they will answer every question you have and also will help you solve every problem you face. You can contact Nairabet’s customer support agent 24/7, also you can contact them no matter if your problem or question is connected with Nairabet’s bonus offers, payment methods, sports betting, live betting, casino games, virtual sports, features or whatever else.


  • Customer Support Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
  • On-Site Email Messaging: Yes,
  • Telephone Number: +234 7 00 62 47 22,
  • Customer Care Number: 0700 6247 2238,
  • Live Chat: Yes – 24/7 availability,
  • Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


We already mentioned that Nairabet is one of the leading online bookmakers in Africa, which is really noticeable for online betting lovers. By joining Nairabet, you are going to have full access to all of the Nairabet’s sports betting options, sports betting markets, live betting games, the extremely high odds, especially for football events also you have access to all of the casino games, virtual sports, and eSports.

Nairabet’s team priority is their players, so the bookmaker wants to motivate them frequently by giving them a chance to claim generous bonus offers almost every single day. Nairabet has bonuses for almost every single player, including bonuses for preventing any loss, bonuses for securing winning, bonuses for taking compensation of already lost bets and so many others, which you can see in Nairabet’s official website in the “Promotions” section. You are able to claim bonus amount even after you join the bookmaker, which is the welcome bonus offer worth 100% of your first stake. If you want to join an online bookmaker, which cares for its players and giving them the chance to claim bonus offers daily, Nairabet is the online bookmaker for you.