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1xBet is an online bookmaker, which if you join it can offer you everything you will ever need, in order to spend memorable and satisfying time betting on your favorite sports, or casino games. One of the biggest advantages of joining 1xBet is the wide variety of additional betting options, which you can benefit from. In the article below, we are going to reveal everything about one of the unique betting options, the bet insurance. Bet insurance can be profitable for every single player, no matter on which sport it is betting on, and if it like sure or risky bets.

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What is Bet Insurance in 1xBet?

In 1xBet, the bet insurance is quite simple, you are both allowed to put full insurance or partial insurance, in order to make sure that if you lose your bet, you still return some of your staked money. The Bet Insurance in 1xBet is available for single and accumulator bets, and any other type of bets are not qualifying for the amazing bet insurance option. By using the Bet Insurance will mean that you are going to give more money before the bet, and actually win less than without insurance, but if you lose the bet, you are going to return your stake, and lose only the amount of the insurance.

What is Bet Insurance in 1xBet

How Bet Insurance in 1xBet is working?

As you already know the main purpose of Bet Insurance is to help you minimize your losses. So that for every single or accumulator bet, you place, 1xBet is offering you a bet insurance, which price depends on the current odds. Once you saw the price of the insurance and decided to put the insurance, you are free to do it. In order to make things even easier for you, we from bettingy.com, are going to give you some of the major requirements for placing bet insurance, in order to always follow the rules:

  • You can only place bet insurance on single and accumulator bets,
  • You can both do partial or full bet insurance,
  • You are allowed to bet more than one bet insurance on one bet,
  • The total amount of the insurance cannot be more than 100% of the whole bet,
  • You are not allowed to use the bet insurance if you are using a cryptocurrency account.

On which bets you are allowed to place a bet Insurance in 1xBet?

We already mentioned that you are only allowed to place bet insurance on single and accumulator bets in 1xBet. At all this is almost everything you should remember about insurance betting in 1xBet. The one thing you should also remember is that you are not allowed to place bet insurance on bets, placed with bonus money. For example, if you claimed an exact bonus and you have free money, you are not allowed to insurance that exact bet.

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How to put insurance on your bet in 1xBet?

After you already know what bet insurance in 1xBet is, it is time to see how to actually place it. Bet insurance is an extra way to increase your profits, so that be careful with every step we give you.

  1. First, you should open the 1xBet official website and log in to your account,
  2. Make sure that you have enough fund in your account, or deposit some if you do not have,
  3. Then, you should go to the bet slip section, which is on the right of the page,
  4. There, you should click on My Bets, where you can see all of your placed bets,
  5. If you qualify for insurance (If the bet is single or accumulator), you should see the insurance button, which you should click to insure your bet,
  6. Now you will see the insurance calculator, which require you to choose what part of the amount staked will be insured,
  7. After you chose, the price of the insurance will be automatically calculated for you, so that you only need to confirm the bet insurance and the amount will be deducted from your balance, and your bet is already insured.

How the price of the insurance is calculated?

When you are ready to place the bet insurance after you chose from the slider what percentage of the bet will be insured, you do not need to calculate the price, because everything is automatically done for you.

Notice that if you do not like the price of the bet insurance, you can click on the “Cancel” button, which will end the bet insurance process.

Frequently Asked questions

Q: What is bet insurance in 1xBet?

A: Bet Insurance is an additional betting option in 1xBet, which is available in order for you to maximize your chances of winning, by putting on your placed bets, so that if you lose, you are going to return your money?

Q: Is it paid to put insurance on my bet?

A: Yes, the bet insurance is a paid option, where the bookmaker calculates the price based on the odds and the total stake.

Q: Can I cancel the bet insurance if I do not like the price?

A: Yes, after you chose how much you want to insure, 1xBet will automatically calculate the price of the insurance, so that if you do not like it, you are allowed to click on the “Cancel” button, which will end the process.

Q: On which bet I can place insurance?

A: You are allowed to place bet insurance only on single and accumulator bets.


If you are a betting lover, you probably love receiving a lot of bonus offers, and of course additional betting options, which you can use to maximize your chances of winning, or minimize your chances of losing. For all of those players, who want to make more profits, 1xBet offers the unique option for bet insurance, which allows you to ensure your bet so that if it is losing, you still return your stake. From the article below, you should already saw that there is nothing complicated with bet insurance, the one thing you should remember, is that you can only place the insurance on single and accumulator bets.