1xbit Bonus Code

1xbit is one of the leading online cryptocurrency bookmakers, so its team should make their best to provide what players want. It is not a secret that every single player wants to be motivated from time to time, in order to improve its betting experience, this motivation usually comes with all the bonus offers available for claiming. 1xbit’s team know that and introduced a lot of different generous bonus offers. As you already know 1xbit is an online cryptocurrency bookmaker, so all the bonus amounts are in cryptos. The overall amount that every player can claim is massive, including the welcome bonus offers for newly registered clients and the repeating bonus offers for existing clients.

Welcome bonus offers from 1xbit

Let’s start with the welcome bonus offers, which can give you a massive amount to start with your 1xbit’s betting journey.

Welcome bonus offer for sports (casino) in 1xbit

The welcome bonus offer from 1xbit is worth 100% up to 7BTC, which can be claimed from every new player of 1xbit, but the interesting part is that this offer is both available for sports and casino players.

How to take the welcome bonus?

  • First, you need to create your account in 1xbit,
  • You should make a deposit of at least 5 mBTC,
  • Then you should place bets, who are going to be transferred as bonus points, which afterwards can be converted into real currency.

Rules and Requirement of claiming the welcome bonus offer from 1xbit

The rules and requirements of claiming the welcome bonus offer of 1xbit are very simple to follow, so you can take your free money for no time.

  • The welcome bonus offer is only available for new players of 1xbit,
  • You are still able to receive a bonus for the next bonus, no matter what happened to the last one,
  • You should ask for that bonus, by putting a tick on the “Take part in bonus offers”, which can be found in your personal account,
  • The bonus amount should be rolled over 40 times, within 30 days of receiving it,
  • The minimum deposit amount for claiming the welcome bonus is 5 mBTC,
  • The bonus is considered as rolled over after all events are settled,
  • The maximum bonus amount you can take for each deposit is:
    • 1st deposit - 100% up to 1 BTC,
    • 2nd deposit - 50% up to 1 BTC,
    • 3rd deposit - 100% up to 2 BTC,
    • 4th deposit - 50% up to 3 BTC.
  • You can see your current progress for the rollover process in your personal account,
  • The bonus amount is available for both casino and sports betting.

Welcome bonus offers from 1xbit

Bonus offers from 1xbit for existing clients

Aside from the generous welcome bonus offers, the team of 1xbit also offers a lot of different bonuses for existing players, which allow them to often claim free money, prevent losses, secure their bets.

Accumulator of the day

One of the most popular bonuses in 1xbit is the accumulator of the day, each day there are more than 1000 sports events, from which the top ones are chosen and combined in accumulator bets, which you can bet on and if won you are going to receive 10% more.

How to make an accumulator bet?

  • Open 1xbit and login,
  • Choose one of the accumulators, which can be found on the home page and place your bet

What are the rules and requirements for this offer?

  • You are allowed to use only real money from your account, any bonus amount cannot be used,
  • You are not allowed to make Advancedbet,
  • You are not allowed to add or remove events from an exact accumulator,
  • If you won the accumulator, you are going to automatically receive 10% more winnings.

Advancedbet Bonus

Another amazing bonus offer from 1xbit is Advancedbet bonus, which amount can be used only for games that are starting within 48 hours. This is a perfect way to place the bet you want if you don’t have any funds in your account.

Rules and requirements

  • You can see the advancedbet amount you can take in “Available Advancedbet Amount”,
  • You can still make advancedbet if you have unsettled advancedbets placed,
  • You can only make advancedbet if you have bets placed, who are in progress,
  • The amount of advancedbet you can take is based on the bets placed,
  • You are not allowed to deposit money, in order to return the advancedbet amount, you can only use the amount from unsettled bets.

You can see additional information about advancedbets in 1xbit’s website, at “Bonuses” section, then click on Advancedbet.

Advancebet Bonus 1xbit

100% Bet Insurance

Another amazing bonus given from 1xbit’s tea is the 100% bet insurance, which can really help you no lose any money. This bonus offer is available for every single player of 1xbit, notice that Bet Insurance is paid, the price depends on the odds of the bet you put insurance on.

  • You are allowed to place insurance on single bets and accumulators,
  • If you lost the bet, you receive the amount you placed insurance back,
  • You can put insurance on the full amount or particularly,
  • If you win the bet, you are going to receive the full amount, but the payment for the insurance will be taken,
  • If you lost the bet, you are going to receive the full amount, but again the payment for the insurance will be taken from you,
  • It is possible to buy multiple insurances on the same bet,
  • The whole insurance bought cannot exceed 100% of the amount placed.

VIP CashBack from 1xbit

VIP Cashback is the loyalty program of 1xbit and can be really beneficial for every single player, who is qualified for the loyalty program. The VIP CashBack is only available for casino players.

What is the loyalty program and how it works?

  • There are 8 different levels in the loyalty program,
  • In order to level up, you should play even more games in the casino,
  • The higher is your level, the better awards you are going to receive,
  • If you reach the last level, you are going to receive - special bonus offers, VIP service, the cashback amount will be higher and will be taken no matter if the placed bets are won or lost.

Bonus based on your account’s current balance

A fantastic bonus offer given from 1xbit is the bonus based on your account’s current balance, where you receive a bonus based on the bets you placed, the more you place the more you receive.

The current balance consists of:

  1. The amount available in your account for placing bets,
  2. The overall amount from all unsettled bets.

How much you can take and what are the rules and requirements?

  • Only bets from Sports and Live Sports betting are eligible for the bonus,
  • All bets placed are counted, single, accumulator and multiple,
  • You can only use real money,
  • Bets placed with bonuses are not counting,
  • The bonus is given to you with bonus points, which are received as a percentage, which is calculated with the following formula: Points = (Account Balance - Withdraws) * Percent/100
  • Account Balance is your balance,
  • Withdraws is the amount of withdraws for the last 24 hours,
  • Percent is your taxes percentage,
  • If the amount of Withdraws for 24 hours is bigger than the Account balance, no bonuses will be transferred to you

How bonus points are calculated?

  • If the balance at the beginning of the day is worth 1000 mBTC,
  • 10 bets for 100mBTC with odds of 2.00 each are settled for the day, 5 of them are won and 5 lost,
  • The bonus points transferred to your account are worth 1 mBTC.

Account Balance Bonus 1xbit

Mobile Bonus offers from 1xbit

1xbit is treating all their players as equal, so there are no special bonus offers for mobile users but don’t be disappointed, you can still claim all the bonuses available in the desktop version of 1xbit. You can even register from the mobile version or mobile application and claim the generous welcome bonus offer. Many people consider the opportunity to bet from wherever they are as a bonus.

Payment methods

1xbit is an online bookmaker, which want to accept players from all over the world, that is exactly why you can use a lot of different payment methods. As you already know 1xbit is only accepting cryptocurrency payments, so you should know that. Paying with cryptocurrencies can be considered as an advantage because all of the methods are almost instant and there are no additional fees, also the minimum and maximum limits are suitable for every single person. Notice that the minimum amount for both deposits and withdraws is 1BTC.

  • LocalBitcoins,
  • Crex24,
  • NovaDAX,
  • Chatex,
  • Wall of Coins,
  • Coincheck,
  • CoinHako,
  • BTCExchange,
  • Luno,
  • BitOasis,
  • NairaEx,
  • Mercado Bitcoin,
  • Bitcoin To You,
  • Canadian Bitcoins,
  • QuickBT.

The full list of available payment methods, you can see by going to 1xbit’s official website and then click on “Payments”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I be awarded more than 1 bonus offer?

A: Of course yes, you can claim as many bonuses as you can, the only requirement is to qualify for them.

Q: Is it possible to place bets using my bonus points?

A: Yes, it is possible, but first go to the “Promo code store”, where you can purchase free bets using your bonus points.

Q: Is it a must to receive the welcome bonus offer at 1xbit?

A: No it is not a must, you can receive the welcome bonus offer only if you want to, in order to receive it you must grant permission to 1xbit to award you.

Q: What are the maximum bets, which I can place when playing an accumulator bet?

A: The maximum bets you should place when playing on an accumulator is 12.

Customer Support and Contacts

If you ever have some questions or face some problems, feel free to contact 1xbit’s customer support agents, which will help you to solve any problem or answer every question, no matter if it is connected with the bonus offer or with something else.


You can choose one of the ways below for contacting 1xbit:


1xbit is one of the top-rated online cryptocurrency bookmakers, which is offering its services worldwide. In order to stay on the top list of worldwide online cryptocurrency bookmakers and even grow, 1xbit should continue offers the best sports betting options, sport betting markets, live sports betting options, the high odds, casino games, live casino games, virtual sports, the amazing features, for which you can read more about in the 1xbit review.

The last but definitely not least thing that 1xbit is offering to their players are the fantastic and very generous bonus offers, which are available for both new and existing players. Bonus offers are the perfect way for players to stay motivated about betting and also claim some free money. In 1xbit the rule for bonus offers is, the more you play, the more free money you are going to take. Don’t waste time, join 1xbit, no matter if you use the mobile site version, mobile application or the desktop version, you can immediately claim the Welcome bonus offer which is worth 100% of up to 7 BTC, which is a massive amount for online cryptocurrency bookmakers.