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One of the bookmakers, which grown popularity over the past few years is 1xBet. Something that really helped them to do is, the bonus system and promotions they offer, you literally can win free money every single day, by participating in their challenges! Not only the welcome bonus, but they offer different betting promotions, if you are not doing well in your predictions they also have bonuses, so you can get back into the game easily! Now let’s see what are these bonuses!

What are the Welcome Bonuses and how it can boost your betting experience

The welcome bonus of 1xBet is very attractive to every person. They are offering 100% up to 100 euro, which is one of the biggest, compared to other bookmakers!

Of course, there are rules for getting that money, but they are nothing special, let’s see what you need to do, in order to take your free money!

  • You need to deposit at least 1 euro
  • This bonus is only available on your first deposit
  • You need to roll over the amount 5 times, on multiple bets, with odds at least 1.40
  • You have one month to complete the bonus

The welcome bonus of 1xBet is one of the most accessible offers that bookmakers offer, the requirements are easy to be done and you have enough time to take it - a whole month!

1xBet Bonuses

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What are the Bonuses if you are already part of 1xBet

1xBet is very generous, if we are talking to the welcome bonus, but don’t think that if you are already a customer the bonuses are missing. It’s just the opposite, there are even more bonuses, like promo codes for birthdays, free bets, bonus if you lose 20 times, and so many more let’s see what you can get and how!

100% insurance for your bet

It sounds a little bit weird, but it is true, you can make insurance for your bet, of you you pay for that insurance and also you can choose, how much of your bet to insurance, now let’s see what are the rules for it!

  • The insurance is offered only on single bets and accumulators
  • The insurance is not available in a bet, which type is system
  • The meaning of insurance is that you will get back the money, you put insurance at
  • You can make multiple insurances at the same bet, but it mustn’t be more than 100%
  • The price for the insurance depends on the current odds

Bet in advance

A really interesting offer for existing customers of 1xBet is the advance bet. You have the opportunity to bet with money, which you don’t have at the moment, but you can only bet on sports that start in less than 48 hours or if they are live. You can find that option if you check available advancedbet balance!

It’s time to see the rules for getting the offer:

  • You need to have bets in progress
  • Advancedbet is calculated by these bets
  • Every bet you win, within 48 is used to return the money to 1xBet
  • You can’t make a repayment with a deposit
  • If the team of 1xBet see a reason to not offer you advancedbet, they can decline your bet
  • You don’t need a special code to use advancedbet

Accumulator of the day

For the people, who are passionate about sports betting, 1xBet offers a special accumulator, which can increase the odds with 10%, on a certain game. You can find games at the bottom of the sports and live pages!

Additional rules

  • You are not able to bet on an accumulator with bonuses
  • You bet on accumulator only with money, which you deposit
  • You can’t bet with advancedbet
  • You cannot change the current accumulator, like adding or deleting


Choose an accumulator with odds of 5.00 and bet $10, you should take $50, but with the accumulator, you take 10% more and you will win $55.

1xBet Accumulator of the day

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Loss series

1xBet, even offer a bonus for people, who made a series of losses to help them get back to the game. The money you get if you make at least 20 losses, depending on the minimal bets you have made.

How much you get

  • Minimal bet of $2 - you get $100
  • Minimal bet of $5 - you get $250
  • Minimal bet of $10 - you get $500

The requirement for taking the bonus

  • You must have full registration
  • You need to lose 20 bets, in the range of 30 days, in order to take this bonus
  • All bets must be at least $2 and maximum odd of 3.00
  • Systems are not accepted, only single bets and accumulators
  • If you don’t meet the requirement, 1xBet can cancel the bonus

In order to take this bonus, you need to contact the customer support, you need to write “Loss series“ as a subject, you also need to provide them with the number of your account.

Star Jackpot

This offer is available every day, in order to take part in the jackpot, you must make exact bets, which you can look at the Jackpot section on 1xBet’s website.


  • You need to make a bet, which meets the requirements in the jackpot section for the current day
  • This offer includes single sports bets or accumulators
  • You can make multiple bets on the same jackpot
  • You can check the remaining time in the jackpot section, the winners are announced at 00:00 every single day

Birthday bonus

Something that really can make you even happier at your birthday, is the bonus they give you. 1xBet will send you a promo code for a free bet, you can check it in your account, they will also send you an SMS. You can check on what you can bet in the 1xpromo section.

Casino Bonuses

Welcome Casino Bonus

1xBet didn’t forget about the casino lovers, so they make a really interesting welcome bonus for them. You can take up to $1500 as a welcome bonus for the casino, but you are not taking that money on the first deposit, you need to make 4 deposit in order to take it. The bonus is only available for the slot games, but the choice between slots is big so you can still benefit from it.

Let’s see the requirements

  • You need to fill all the information in your profile, in order to activate the bonus
  • Before the first deposit, you need to ask for the bonus in the casino section
  • The bonus is given on 4 part, through first four deposit
  • First deposit - up to $300, second deposit - up to $350, third deposit - up to $400 and for the last one up to $450
  • For each deposit, you get 100% based on the money you have deposit
  • You need to deposit at least 10 for the first one and at least 15 for the remaining
  • You need to roll over the bonus 35 times, in order to proceed to the next one
  • You have one week for each rollover
  • When you rollover the bonus, the remaining money will be transferred to your account

1xBet Welcome Casino Bonus

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Casino slots tournament

Very interesting way to win in 1xBet is the slot tournament, which lasts one week, when it is over another is starting, so if you didn’t do well in the current you can take part in the next one. When you play online slots, despite the wins and loses you make, you are awarded points:

  • 0.3 euro - 1 point
  • 0.5 euro - 2 points
  • 0.75 euro - 3 points
  • 1 euro - 4 points
  • 2 euro - 5 points
  • 3 euro - 6 points
  • 4 euro - 7 points

Depending on how many points you have, you may win prizes, the chances are really high, because the first 1000 win! The first person wins 350 euro …. You can check all the prizes at the website of 1xBet!

VIP cashback program

For the casino lovers, 1xBet is offering a very interesting program, the VIP cashback program. Basically, the program is when you are playing on games chosen by the team of 1xBet you are going to receive a point, and move up to the loyalty level. Higher-level means more benefits for you.

Cashback is the percent of the margin between the whole sum you bet and the potential money you can win! You can ask for cash back once per seven days, and you need to have less than 2 dollars in your account.

Do you get a bonus when using the mobile version or application

If you are using the mobile version or application you are not getting special bonuses, everything that you can take when using the desktop is available on mobile, too.

Something that can be named as a bonus, is that the company offers higher odds in the mobile application, so you can still benefit from the mobile of 1xBet.

What are the payment options

With some other bookmakers, the payment options are not supported in some countries and people face problems when they want to withdraw or deposit money from their account. With 1xBet that is not a problem, they offer a lot of deposit and withdraw methods, in order to accept people from everywhere. Every method that is available on the desktop version of 1xBet, is available on mobile, too!

Let’s see some of the options they offer!

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Instant bank wire transfer
  • EcoPayz
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Payeer
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Skrill
  • Neteller


Q: Is the deposit required to take the welcome bonus?

A: Yes, the first deposit is required to take the welcome bonus, after that there are bonuses, which do not require a deposit and you can literally earn free money!

Q: Are there any poker bonuses?

A: Unfortunately, a bonus for the poker is not available at the moment, but it is going to be included soon!

Q: Are there any other bonuses that 1xBet offers!

A: Of course yes, but these bonuses are one time offers and they are announced at certain days, so be sure to check out the promo section in the 1xBet website!

Q: Can I withdraw money, when I roll over the bonus?

A: Unfortunately, it is not allowed to withdraw any money, until you rollover the bonuses, if you do it you need to refuse the bonus, so we don’t recommend that!

Q: Can I withdraw my bonuses after I do all the requirements?

A: After you have done every requirement, you are able to whatever you think is good with the money from the bonus!


1xBet is one of the most generous bookmakers when we talk about bonuses, they offer a lot of bonuses not only for the sports betting but for the casino, too. They work hard to attract more customers and they realized that the perfect way to do that, is to offer different bonuses, promotions and tournaments, so be sure that you check out the promo section frequently!

Details for contacts

1xBet offers 24/7 support for their clients, so whenever you have some questions or problems with the bonus systems you can contact them, also you can ask for different promo codes!

Customer Support - 0800 46020

1xBet also have an Online Consultant service!

You can also get in touch with the team of 1xBet via email, you can find more information in the Contacts section!

  • e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • security department e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • finance e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Conclusion and rating

The bookmaker, which really grown popularity over the past years is 1xBet, they also have the potential to become the biggest one. All the different promotions they offer to attract more customers are really working very well. With 1xBet you can combine the satisfaction you get from betting on your favourite sport and in the casino, accompanied with all the bonus systems, promotions tournament and all the different rewards, you can even benefit from using the mobile app because there, the odds are higher. If you want to bet, we really advise you to think about joining 1xBet, who knows one day they can become the biggest one, with even more rewards and bonuses for their customers!