Dafabet Verification

Why do I have to verify my account at Dafabet?

Over the past few years, online bookmakers have faced the same exact problem. This problem is scammers, who want to join them, only because they want to steal money, fraud, and at all harm the bookmaker. In the article below, we are going to explain everything you need to know, in order to pass the KYC verification in Dafabet.

Dafabet is popular online bookmaker, which managed to move ahead and gain a lot of popularity, for a very short period of time. The bookmaker is quite popular with its high odds for almost every single sports betting event.

Apart from the many advantages that Dafabet has, which you can see in our full Dafabet review, let’s move on to the verification process. In order to prevent any scammers from joining, and make both you and the bookie itself, the team of Dafabet requires an account verification, which proves your identity, which makes scamming impossible. The verification process in Dafabet is called KYC verification.

The purpose of verification at Dafabet

How to pass the KYC Verification

The only way for Dafabet to prove your identity, and prevent any scammers from joining is to ask for the KYC verification, so this is a process, which cannot be skipped. The good news is that you can finish the KYC verification, in less than a few minutes, but you need to remember that it is a must to provide only valid information about yourself when you opened your account at the bookmaker, this will not only help you finish the verification easily but will also prove the bookmaker, that you are planning to play correctly and not observe the rules.

In order to successfully pass the KYC verification in Dafabet, the only thing, which you need to do, is to send the bookmaker a picture or a scanned copy of some of your personal documents, which proves both your identity and your address, so that the verification consists of two parts, to verify your identity and to verify your address.

  1. So, the first part of the KYC verification in Dafabet requires you to verify your Personal Details, or your identity, in order to pass that part, you only need to send the bookmaker a scanned copy or a picture of one of the following documents.
    • ID Card - Both the front and the back of the card,
    • Passport - Your photo and the cover page,
    • Driver’s licence - photo, name and signature.
  2. The second part of the KYC verification in Dafabet requires you to prove your address. This part also requires you to send the bookmaker a scanned copy or a picture of one of the following documents:
    • Utility Bill - Where your name and address is clearly visible,
    • Bank or Credit Card Statement - Again name and current address should be clearly visible,
    • Local Authority Tax Bill - Where name, address, and tax ID number are clearly visible.
  3. In order for Dafabet to accept your documents for the address verification, they should be no older than 3 months.

How long do I have to wait for the KYC verification?

Now, after you already know that, in order to pass the KYC verification in Dafabet, you only need to send the bookmaker a scanned copy or a picture of your documents, so that you prove your identity and address. The actual process of sending your documents to the bookmaker can be done for less than a few minutes, but this can only happen if you provide only valid information about you, when you were registering. But, after you successfully sent the documents, you need to wait for the team of Dafabet to accept the documents and confirm that you passed the KYC verification. This review and confirmation are usually done for up to 24 hours, but this time can vary if you send your documents through the weekend.

Notice that the maximum waiting time, which can take for the team of the bookmaker to review and confirm your verification documents is up to 5 days, so that if you do not receive any answer for that period of time, excluding weekends and not working days, it is better to contact the customer support agents of the bookmaker, in order to check if everything is alright.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to share my personal details with Dafabet?

A: Dafabet is well-known online bookmaker, which is licenced from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, First Cagayan and the Isle of the Man so that you can be sure that the bookmaker is legit, and your documents are safe.

Q: Why should I send the whole picture of my documents to Dafabet?

A: Actually, you should not send the whole picture, you only need to send only a part of it, so that you are free to cover the details, which are not required.

Q: Is it possible to skip the verification process in Dafabet?

A: Unfortunately, you are not allowed to skip the KYC verification process in Dafabet. As we already mentioned the KYC verification is the way of Dafabet to prove your identity and prevent any scammers from joining. So, that if you do not pass it, you are not going to be allowed to place any bets, withdraw or deposit any funds, simply you will not be able to play.


From the article below, you already know that bookmakers from all over the world are facing the same exact problem, scammers. Scammers are players who only join bookies to fraud money and not follow the rules. So, Dafabet’s team found the perfect solution to ask for a KYC verification, which proves your identity and address so that scamming is impossible, simply because if a scammer wants to join, it will not provide any valid information so that the KYC verification will not be passed, and it will not be able to join. So, now you know how to pass the KYC verification as soon as possible.