1xBet eSports Betting

Over the past few years, eSports betting gained a lot of popularity through the players from all over the world. eSports are commonly mistaken with Virtual sports, so it is very important to understand the difference. From eSports betting, you can win a lot, and receive a lot of satisfaction, simply because the games are very dynamic, and the thrill of watching and betting on them is huge. Because of 1xbet, which is a global online bookmaker, you can place a lot of bets on eSports. In the article below, we are not going to explain what the difference between esports and virtual sports is, but we are going to reveal everything about eSports betting in 1xbet, including how to place only successful eSports bets.

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About eSports

Esports, or electronic games, are a form of sports betting, which allows you to bet on video games. 1xbet allows you to bet on huge video games tournaments, or even regular matches between two professional teams/ players, who are competing against each other. eSports are the new way of making money by betting on professional gamers, which play all day long.

What is the difference between eSports and virtual sports?

As we already mentioned, there are a lot of people who do not understand the difference between eSports and virtual sports, so before moving forward it is very important to understand the difference.

Actually, there is nothing in common between eSports and virtual sports. Virtual sports are virtual events, which are not real, and are not played by real people, and the final results and gameplay is generated by a special algorithm.

Whereas eSports are played by real people. The one thing in common is actually the game itself, because in both cases the games are virtual. But, the final outcome and all the gameplay is determined from real players, on games like Fifa, League of Legends, Dota 2, etc.

1xbet Restricted Countries

Before talking about restricted countries in 1xbet, it is very important to first make everything clear about how you can join 1xbet. Let’s list the criteria, which you should cover to be able to join 1xbet.

  • You must be at least 18 years old,
  • You must live in a country, which is not restricted,
  • You must have the documents to prove your identity,
  • You must have a credit/ debit card, or any other, in order to make deposits and withdraws.

Now, it is time to see, which are the countries from which you can join 1xbet. Actually, the list with restricted countries, is not long, compared to other online bookmakers:

  • United Kingdom,
  • USA,
  • Austria,
  • Belgium,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Croatia,
  • Cyprus,
  • Czech Republic,
  • Denmark,
  • Finland,
  • France,
  • Germany,
  • Greece,
  • Hungary,
  • Italy,
  • Netherlands,
  • Poland,
  • Portugal,
  • Romania,
  • Slovakia,
  • Slovenia,
  • Spain,
  • Sweden,
  • Iran.

If you live in some of these countries, you are not going to be allowed to join 1xbet, but do not be disappointed, as the bookmaker is quite popular, you still can jump over the rules and open an account at the bookie. There are mirror links, which works for the restricted countries.

Learn how to enter 1xbet website

If you are not aware of 1xbet, and you do not know what the design and the navigation of the bookie is, do not worry, we are going to explain it. For additional information about 1xbet, you can check our of 1xbet. But, if you are interested only in the 1xbet eSports section, we are going to give you quick steps on how to enter the eSports betting section.

  1. First, you should open the official website of 1xbet,
  2. Then, you should log into your account, or create one if you do not already have,
  3. Then, you must click on the sport button, which can be found in the main navigation menu,
  4. On the left, you are going to see the menu, which consists of all of the available sports in 1xbet, where you can find the eSports, and you only need to click on it, in order to access it,
  5. If you are interested in a specific eSport, you can go to it, by clicking on it from the dropdown menu, which will appear.

Navigation to the eSports section of 1xbet

eSports Betting Events

1xbet as you already know is one of the best options for online betting. The team of the bookmaker made everything possible to give you every single betting option, not only for eSports but for every other sport. For eSports, you are allowed to bet on literally all of the major big tournaments and events, for the eSports like: 

  • League of Legends,
  • Dota 2,
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,
  • Overwatch,
  • Starcraft 2,
  • Heroes of the Storm,
  • King of Glory,
  • Rainbow Six: Siege,
  • World of Warcraft,
  • Rocket League.

As you can see the variety of available eSports and tournaments is wide, so that if you are a fan of that type of betting, you should probably think of choosing 1xbet as a betting provider.

eSports betting markets at 1xbet

It is not a secret that 1xbet is offering a lot of markets for eSports betting. You can simply bet on everything you want on eSports. Most of the available markets are actually classical, like 1x2 or over/ under market, but there are actually some more markets, which are quite attractive and can bring you a lot of profits, which is one of the most important things for betting. Some of those markets are:

  • Team A and Draw,
  • Team B and Draw,
  • Handicap,

Also, there are a lot of other markets, which are specific for the eSport you chose, which you can see directly on the official website of 1xbet.

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How to place eSports Bets in 1xbet?

If you are into online betting, placing an eSports bet will be quite an easy process, but if you are not, it is good to know how to do it. Actually, it is quite easy, let’s see a full step - by - step guide on how to place an eSports bet in 1xbet:

  1. First, you should open 1xbet’s official website,
  2. Then, you should log in to your existing account, or create one if you do not have,
  3. Then, you should go to the eSports betting section,
  4. After that you should choose the events and markets on which you want to bet,
  5. And you only need to click on them to add them to the bet slip, where you can choose if you want to place a single bet or an accumulator (If you have any problems with placing an accumulator bet, you are free to check our guide for placing successful accumulator bets),
  6. Then, you only need to type how much you want to bet and click on a place bet, be sure to have enough funds in your account.

Live eSports Betting in 1xbet

For no doubt, the real satisfaction from online betting comes from the live betting section, where you are allowed to bet on events, which are already in progress. As you know eSports are very dynamic and satisfaction to be watched, so that 1xbet made things even better by allowing you to place live eSports bets, which will give you a real view of the game and of course help you easily decide, who will be the winner.

One of the biggest advantages of live eSports betting is the high odds, but this is actually a thing, which you should be very careful with. You should never place bets only because the odds are high, you need to have a clear mind about who will win the game, and place a bet based on that.

Let’s see for what you should pay attention, when you are placing a live eSports bet in 1xbet:

  • You should be really careful with the odds, and try to catch the highest ones,
  • It is always better to place bets as late as possible, in order to maximize your chances of winning,
  • You must watch the live stream of the game, which is possible in 1xbet, so that you will know how to game is going, and which team has a higher chance of winning,
  • You must bet only on a value bet, which can bring you profits that are worth it.

Special Bonuses and Promos for eSports betting in 1xbet

1xbet is an online bookmaker, which is quite popular with its generous bonus offers, not only for sports, but for every other type of betting. So, if you are an eSports betting lover, you can be sure that you can also claim a lot of bonus offers. As eSports are a part of the sports betting section, you are free to claim all of the bonuses for sports, apart from the ones, which are specific for the eSports betting sections, like cashback eSports bonus, cashout eSports bonus, etc.

Welcome Bonus Offer

For no doubt, the most popular and preferred bonus offer is the welcome bonus offer, which is worth 100% of up to 100 euro that can be claimed on your first deposit. Immediately, after you open your account and deposit money, you are allowed to claim the bonus, but you need to remember a few rules and requirements, which you should follow.

  • You can claim the welcome bonus offer once,
  • You should deposit at least 1 euro,
  • The received bonus amount should be rolled over 5 times,
  • The rollover should be done on multiple bets with odds of at least 1.40 for each selection,
  • The rollover process should be finished within 1 month of receiving the bonus.

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Top 5 Tips about placing successful eSports bets in 1xbet

It is not a secret that our main purpose, is to always help you as much as we can, to always place successful bets and maximize your chances of winning. So that, we from bettingy.com, are going to give you some cruical tips on how to be successful in eSports betting in 1xbet.

  • The first, and probably one of the most important tips, is to always choose to bet on eSports, for which you are very aware of. The more you know about an exact eSports, the higher is the chance of winning,
  • It is better to skip some events sometimes - This is a tip, which is related mostly to beginners in eSports betting. There are a lot of eSports games, which are really hard to be predicted, but most of the new bettors, made the same mistake to not skip those games. Most of the times, these games lead to losing a lot of money,
  • Watch the live stream of games - Live streaming is one of the best features, which 1xbet is offering to you, so you should always use it. Not only for live betting, where live stream can draw you a clear picture of who will win the game, but also for pre match betting, you will see how both teams are going, and in what form are the players, which will always help you for future bets,
  • Never underestimate the motivation of both teams - In eSports one of the most important factors is the motivation, which can show you the winner even before the start of the game. In most of the eSports games, one of the teams is in better condition and has a higher motivation for winning, so you should make a research and see which is that team. The more you know about both teams, the higher are your chances of winning your bet,
  • And last but not least, make a research - This is a tip, which we from bettingy.com, will always give you, no matter on what you are betting. We already mentioned that the more you research, the higher are your chances of winning, but why? Only a little bit of research can double your chances of winning. It is not a secret that only because the odds of an exact game is in favour of one of the teams, the team will win for sure. So, never skip researching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are eSports?

A: eSports or electronic sports are a form of betting on video games?

Q: Are there any other bonus offers realted to eSports in 1xbet?

A: Yes, there are a lot of other bonus offers in 1xbet, which can give you a lot of free money through your eSports betting journey.

Q: I cannot open 1xbet, it said that the website is not available in my country, what should I do?

A: Unfortunately, 1xbet is not available in some countries, so you are not allowed to join it. But, do not be disappointed, you can still use some of the mirror links to access the website.

Q: Is it possible to place live eSports bets in 1xbet?

A: 1xbet for no doubt is one of the most popular online bookmakers, so its team made everything possbile to make you feel satisfied, even you can place live eSports bets with a lot of available markets, with an extremely high odds.

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Nowadays, eSports betting has gained a lot of popularity through online betting lovers from all over the world. The reason for that is that there are a lot of video game lovers, which want to bet on exciting and dynamic games, which are different from the virtual sports, which final outcomes are deiced by an algorithm. So, the team of 1xbet, which is one of the leading global online bookmakers, introduced eSports betting, so that you only need to join the bookmaker to start your eSports betting journey. The biggest advantages of eSports betting in 1xbet, is that the team of the bookmaker offer you an extremely high odds for every single eSports event, and also you can claim a lot of bonus offers, which can give you a lot of free money. As, eSports is a very dynamic sport that is quite hard to be predicted, we from bettingy.com, gave you everything required to learn how to place only successful eSports bets, and how to maximize your chances of winning. Now, when you read the full eSports betting guide in 1xbet, you are ready to join the bookmaker and start making solid profits from that type of betting.