BetWinner Verification

Why do I have to verify my account at BetWinner?

Nowadays, the well - known and trusted bookmakers are becoming more and more, they offer lots of different betting options and bonus offers, also very high odds to bet on. What scammers see in that is a perfect way to fraud some money from them, a lot of bookmakers were scammed before introducing the verification process, the KYC verification is required from every bookmaker on the market and this is the only way for them to be informed if you are going to join them to bet and play, or to scam and fraud them.

How to pass the KYC verification in BetWinner?

With the KYC ( Know Your Customer) verification, BetWinner is sure about your personality and your aim of joining them, this verification is the only way that you can prove the details you gave, this is a way to bring insurance for both you and the bookmaker. The KYC verification process in BetWinner is nothing special, they just want the most important information about you, like proof of your identity, address and age, you need to be at least 18 years old. Remember that if you give any wrong or suspicious information the change of getting rejected is high, which means you are not able to deposit, play or withdraw any funds until you provide real proven details.

There are two steps for the verification process, first, you need to prove your identity and after that, you need to prove your address.

The first one is identity verification, you can use one of the following documents, in order to verify your identity.

  • National ID card (front and back),
  • Passport (photo and cover page),
  • Driving license (photo, name and signature),
  • Provisional license (front and back).

The second is to prove your address, this can be done, by providing one of the following documents:

  • Household utility bill ( where your name is clearly visible)
  • Bank, building society or credit card statement (name and current address)
  • Local authority tax bill (name, address and tax ID number visible)
  • Solicitor's letter confirming a recent house purchase or land registry, it must contain your name

Sometimes if BetWinner tracks suspicious details from the debit, credit card or any other payment method, they are able to ask you for verification, so you need to do it if you want to deposit and withdraw any money. This process is easy because you need to only provide:

  • If it is a Bank account - Bank statement issued during the last three months,
  • If it is a Credit or Debit card - You should send a picture or a copy of your card, where you need to show only the first and last four digits of the card and cover all the other information, including the CVV on the back of the card.
  • If it is an E-wallet - It is enough to send a screenshot of your e-wallet’s account, where your ID is clearly visible.

How long do you have to wait?

The waiting time really depends on you and when you send all your documents, the verification process usually is done within the end of the day, but notice that this can change if you send your document through the weekend or at the nigh, the maximum waiting time is 72 hours, if the waiting time is more, we advice you to contact the customer support, which can help you solve the problem.

Notice that, if you don’t pass the KYC verification process or don’t give your details to BetWinner, they can stop any withdraws from your account, sometimes they can give you to deposit, but all the withdraws will be impossible until you pass KYC verification. For insurance for both you and BetWinner, we advise you to pass the verification process as soon as possible, when you receive a confirmation e-mail for passing the KYC, you are free to deposit, play and withdraw in BetWinner.


Q: Can I play and skip the KYC verification process?

A: Unfortunately, the KYC verification process is required for every player on the platform. 

Q: Can I make the KYC verification using my smartphone?

A: Yes, there is an option to make the KYC verification using your mobile phone and the process is the same.

Q: How much time does the KYC verification take?

A: Usually, the waiting period is somewhere between 1 hour and 72 hours, but often the verification is done within the end of the day.

Q: Is it safe to share my personal detail with BetWinner?

A: BetWinner is using encrypted technologies to protect your details from any other, who want to see them, so you can be 100% sure in the security.

In Summary

Over the past few years, before the introduction of the KYC verification, all the bookmaker faced a lot of scammers and robbers, which wanted to make money from them without any bets or playing, just scams and frauds. For all bookmakers, the only solution to these problems is the KYC verification, which reveals all the scammers and protects not only the bookmakers but also protects you. When we are using your money online, you know the most important thing is the security of the ones, who want your card and personal details, so BetWinner uses only high - encrypted technologies, in order to keep your details in secret from other people.