22bet Slot Games

22bet is one of the quite young online bookmakers. No matter that the bookmaker already proved that it can reach the top very fast. The huge growth of the bookmaker couldn’t be possible without the amazing betting options, which it is providing to its players. Immediately after you join the bookmaker, you are going to have access to simply thousands of sports betting events and markets, casino and live casino games, a wide variety of generous bonus offers, features, and a lot of payment methods. In the article below, we are going to fully explain one of the major casino games, which 22bet offers you, the slot games. For every casino, lover slots are a really important part of the casino journey in an online bookmaker.

Types of Slot Games in 22bet

As a very fast-growing online bookmaker, 22bet should be ready for everything, which a casino player would want, and provide all the best. This is exactly why in 22bet you are going to have access to a lot of slot games, which can satisfy every single casino lover’s needs. The wide variety of slot games in the bookmaker could not be possible with the many casino games providers, with which the bookmaker is working.

The biggest advantage is that every single casino game provider develops a different type of slots, and has a different style of slots, so that no matter what type of slots you like, you can find it in the casino of 22bet.

What is the subject of 22bet slot games?

Now, you already know that 22bet is working with a lot of casino games providers, which develop a lot of different slots, in order to help you visualize this, we are going to list some of the major subjects of the slots in the bookmaker’s casino.

  • Fruits - It is not a secret that the most popular slots games in every single casino are the fruits, which are so satisfying to be played, and also can bring a lot of profits to you. In 22bet’s casino, you can see fruit slots like Fruton Don, Titanium Fruits, Stoned Joker 5, Twinkling Hot 40, Lucky Forest Casino, Crystal Fruits, Fruitsie Bar, Hot Choice Delux, Fruity Crown, 100 Juicy Fruits, Glass Fruits, etc. As the fruit slots in 22bet are so many, the team of the bookmaker allows you to play demo versions, where you do not need to bet real money, which can help you learn the game and then play,
  • Historical - The next very popular subject for slots in 22bet is history. Historical slots in 22bet are quite a lot so that you have even more choice than the fruits. Some of the historical slots in 22bet are Castle Rock, Wild Trails Casino, Mexicaliente, Trump it, Seasons, Mexico Dude, King Sized Spins, African Savannah, Rise of Egypt, etc. As for the fruit slots and every other type of slots in 22bet, you are allowed to play the historical slots in the demo version, which allows you to first try the game, and see if it fits you, and then put real money on it,
  • Mythical - The next very popular subject for slot games in 22bet is Mythical. Mythical slots are probably the most in the bookmaker’s casino so that you can enjoy playing a lot of them. Some of the mythical slots in 22bet are Solar Queen, Kings and Dragons, Wilds of all street, Book of Rebirth, Book of Gates, Demi-Gods, The Grand Galore, Dynasty Warriors, Emperor Panda, Lotus Beaty, Red Boy, Book of Tabboo, Clash of Gods, The Mummy, Book of Loki. Also, as for every other slot, Mythical ones can be played in the demo version, which can be quite helpful for you, you only need to click on the “Play for free” button, which you will see when you hover on an exact slot.

 22bet slot games

Top 5 Slot Games in 22bet

Now, when you already know what types of slot games there are in 22bet, and what are the main subjects, it is time to see the top 5 slot games, which most of the players prefer playing a lot in the bookmaker’s casino.

Book of Gods

The first slot game, which has grown a lot of popularity through online casino lovers of 22bet is the Book of Gods. The book of Gods is a mythical slot game, which was developed by BF Games. The game is quite satisfying and can bring you a lot of winnings, which are more than 1000. The slot is 10 lines. The betting options and possible winnings are quite a lot so you just not waste any time, but open an account at 22bet and try to game for free.

Sun of Egypt

The next slot game, which we cannot skip listing in the top 5 slot games of 22bet, is the Sun of Egypt. The Sun of Egypt is a game provided by Booongo, which is another very popular casino game provider, which developed a lot of slots and you can see them in many online bookmakers. The slot is 25 lines, and you are allowed to win the Grand jackpot of 2500 euro, which is a massive amount of money, also there is a major jackpot worth of 400 euro, and a mini jackpot worth of 75 euro. The slot game is so satisfying, so if you once try it, you are going to play it forever. The game can be also played for free, so that does not waste any time but try it.

Legacy of Dead

Legacy of Dead is a slot game, which subject is again Mythical. The slot game is provided by Play’n’go, which is one of the giants in the industry of online slot games. The slot game is 5 reel video slot game, in which up to 10 lines can be achieved. The slot game allows you to win a lot of additional awards like free spins, which can be won by spinning and getting an exact Scatter symbol. Without losing more time, you should try the Legacy of Dead, which is a slot game, which every single player of 22bet has tried at least once.

100 Juicy Fruits

100 Juicy Fruits is the next slot game, which subject is quite obvious, fruits. The slot is provided by Spinomenal, which is a provider, which you probably heard before. The slot is 100 lines, where the symbols pay from left to right starting from the leftmost reel. But only the highest paying win of each line is paid. Winnings are multiplied by a bet per line. The winnings from the 100 Juicy Fruits you can take are quite huge so that if you are a fruit slot games lover, you should probably start playing that slot.

Cleopatra’s Oasis

The next and the last slot game in our top 5 list of best slot games in 22bet is the Cleopatra’s Oasis. The slot game is 100 lines, and it is provided by Spinomenal, which is another giant from casino game providers. By playing Cleopatra’s oasis, you can win a lot of money, which will be not only profitable for you, but also very satisfying to be played. The biggest advantage is that you can even play the game in the demo version so that you can first practice and then put your real money in play.

Who are the casino games providers of 22bet for slots?

As we already mentioned, to make the best for you, the team of 22bet works with a lot of casino games providers, which was the only thing, for which there is a wide variety of slots in 22bet. If you have experience in playing in an online casino, or you know something about casino games providers, you will notice that the following providers are one of the giants in all over the world.


Our list with casino games providers will start with Betsoft, which is for no doubt one of the best ones. Betsoft is an online gaming provider company, which was founded in 2006, and is making satisfaction to casino lovers from all over the world possible. The company is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and has Licence 2 from the Romanian National Gambling Office.

Evolution Gaming (Slots) 

Evolution Gaming is a casino game provider mainly popular with its live casino games, but the slots are another very strong part of the company. By playing the slots of Evolution Gaming, you can receive a lot of profits and have a really good time.

Evo Play Entertainment

The next casino game provider is Evo Play Entertainment. The company was founded in 2018, which makes it quite young, but do not be fooled, it is also one of the top casino games providers in all over the world. The slots of Evo Play Entertainment are played every single day by millions of players from all over the world.


Spinomenal is another software provider of 22bet’s casino. The company has more than 100 original slot games, also every month there are new up to 3 slots, which you can enjoy playing in 22bet. The company is licensed from many big gambling commissions including the Malta Gaming Authority.


If you are a lover of slot games, there is no chance of not hearing about iSoftBet. The company is gaining popularity every single day, and that is only possible because of the many unique slot games, which the team of the company is developing.

As the casino games providers of 22bet are so many, we are only going to list some of the other, but you can check the full list, by going to the slots section of 22bet’s casino:

  • Authentic Gaming,
  • SA Gaming,
  • Vivo Gaming,
  • XPG gaming,
  • 1x2 Gaming,
  • Booongo,
  • Booming Games,
  • Concept Gaming,
  • CT Gaming,
  • Leap Gaming.

What is RTP, and how much it is in 22bet?

A lot of players are frustrated when someone is talking about RTP. Actually, when we are talking about potential winnings and the amount, which you can take from an exact casino, the number that is the most important is the RTP, which is the abbreviation for “Return to Player”, and simply indicates how much money an exact game is paying in the long term. The easiest way to understand it is to give you a simple example:


Let’s say, that you are playing a game that has an RTP of 98%, which is quite high. But, in the long run, an RTP of 98% means that the game will pay you 98 cents for each 1 dollar staked.

So, to make things even easier for you, let’s go even deeper in-game RTP. The RTP is strongly connected with your bankroll, and if you want to successfully manage your bankroll (If you do not know what bankroll management is, you can check our full guide on how to successfully manage your bankroll), you should be really aware of RTP. The RTP is the number, which indicates if is it possible to beat an exact game or not. Unfortunately, there is no such online casino, which offers 100% RTP. But, if a game has less 90% RTP, this means that you are going to quickly lose a lot of money. The most common RTP is about 95%, which can be seen in almost every single casino. And last but not least, an RTP of above 97% is considered a high paying game.

As a growing online casino, 22bet has to offer good RTP, if its team want to grow even more. Actually, almost every single game in 22bet has a good RTP, but the ones which really stand out are Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette. In order for you to see how big is the RTP of 22bet, we from bettingy.com, are going to list the RTP ranges of each various game type in 22bet’s casino.

  • Blackjack - 96.4% - 98.2%,
  • Roulette - 92.5% - 97.3%,
  • Slots - 92.6% - 97.8%,
  • Jackpot Slots - 85.6% - 96.4%,
  • Video Poker - 96.5 - 99.1%,
  • Table Games - 88.2% - 97.6%,
  • Scratch Cards - 81.2% - 88.0%.

As you can see for almost every single type of game in 22bet’s casino, the RTP is more than friendly, so that you should never think, but start playing at 22bet’s casino.

Can you play slots of 22bet’s casino without downloading any additional software?

Nowadays, people from all over the world, who are fans of online betting, started to use their smartphones even more than their computers. This is a result of that the mobile betting opens a lot of doors for you. Not only players can overcome the problem with the lack of time, but also have the comfort of playing from wherever you are and whatever you do. The team of 22bet clearly knows that and developed both a mobile application and a mobile site version, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. The biggest advantage is that both the mobile site version and the mobile application gives you full access to the whole online betting world of 22bet.

To start playing from your smartphone, as you can see, there are two options, the mobile app and the mobile site version. The mobile site version is a platform, which is developed to work with your mobile browser, which means that in order to work, the mobile site version is dependant on your browser. This means that you can face some problems with lags, bugs, or crashes, also the mobile data consumed is a way more than the mobile application.

The second and probably the better option is to use the mobile application, which is perfectly developed, so that every time you use it, you are going to feel pleased about having it. The mobile application is a separate platform so that there are no bugs, lags, crashes, and the mobile data consumed is a way less than the mobile site version. But, unfortunately, in order to use the mobile application, you need to download it and update it frequently, but it is so small, that you are not going to feel it.

Can you play 22bet Slot Games without using real money?

The team of 22bet knows that in the casino section, there are a lot of slot games so that for you it is not possible to master all of them. That is exactly why there are ways to play them for free, in order to improve yourself, and only after that put your real money.

The first possible way of playing 22bet slots without using real money is to play the demo versions of the slots, which you already know about. The advantage of playing slots in the demo version is that you do not need to deposit any money, before learning how to play an exact slot, and only after you can start playing with real ones.

How to play the demo versions of 22bet slot games?

You can simply play every single slot game in 22bet in the demo version. So, let’s see the simple steps for doing it.

  1. First, you should open the official website of 22bet,
  2. Then, you should log in to your existing account or create one (You can check our full sign-up guide if you have any difficulties registering),
  3. After that, you need to go to the casino section, and click on the slots button,
  4. Then, you only need to choose the slot you want to play, hover it, and you will see a button “Play for free”, which will immediately redirect you to the demo version of the game

The second way for playing slot games of 22bet for free actually requires a deposit, at all requires money, which actually afterward you are not going to bet. This way is called bonus offers. Bonus offers are one of the forces of 22bet. There are a lot of bonus offers in the bookmaker, which you can claim for playing. The best option for playing for free is claiming free spins, which is one of the available bonus offers in 22bet.

How to claim free spins?

As you already know there is a way for claiming free spins in 22bet. You can do it by claiming bonus offers, which actually give you free spins. But, in order to start claiming free spins in 22bet, you need to follow some simple rules and requirements, which qualify for every free spins bonus.

You should opt-in to claim most of the free spins offers in 22bet,
Every bonus offer has rules and requirements, which you should follow strictly if you do not want 22bet to cancel your bonus so that you lose the whole bonus including the winnings from it,
For some of the claimed free spins, you have rollover requirements, which you should finish in an exact period of time.

What are the Bonus Offers for slots in 22bet?

Now, after you know that bonus offers in 22bet can give you free spins, let’s see something more about them.

Get Free Spins Every Day from 22bet

The team of 22bet offers you a special bonus, which is called Get Free Spins Every Day. The rewards you can take from that bonus are quite obvious, free spins every day. You only need to complete tasks in the game of the day, and then you are going to receive free spins. Now, let’s see what you should know about this bonus offer.

  • You are allowed to complete an exact tasks every day in the game of the day, in order to receive free spins,
  • You must place bets in the game of the day only with real money from your account,
  • Bonus amounts do not qualify for this bonus,
  • There are no rollover requirements for this bonus offer,
  • You should have verified account to claim free spins,
  • You cannot claim another bonus offer with this one at the same time.

Get Free Spins Every Day from 22bet

Now, after you know everything important about claiming this bonus, let’s see which are the games of the day, and what you need to do, to claim it.

  1. Monday -
    • Game of the day: Viking Gods: Thor and Loki,
    • Free Spins - 25 free spins,
    • You should bet 70 euro to claim the free spins.
  2. Tuesday -
    • Game of the day: Wild Warriors,
    • Free Spins - 30 free spins,
    • You should win 200 dollars to claim the free spins.
  3. Wednesday -
    • Game of the day: Sun of Egypt,
    • Free Spins - 40 free spins,
    • You should play 200 spins on the game of the day to claim the free spins.
  4. Thursday -
    • Game of the day: Buffalo Power: Hold and Win,
    • Free Spins - 40 free spins,
    • You should bet at least 150 euro to claim the free spins.
  5. Friday -
    • Game of the day: Poisoned Apple,
    • Free Spins - 40 free spins,
    • You should win at least 300 euros to claim the free spins.
  6. Saturday -
    • Game of the day: Phoenix Fire: 10 lines,
    • Free Spins - 50 free spins,
    • You should play 200 spins on the game of the day to claim the free spins.
  7. Sunday -
    • Game of the day: Joker Expand: 5 lines,
    • Free Spins - 75 free spins,
    • You should win at least 600 euros from the game of the day to claim the free spins.

The simple way to start playing slots at 22bet

Now, when you already know simply everything about slot games in 22bet, it is time to learn how to actually start playing by using real money, so that you can start earning now. As we from bettingy.com, are always trying to help you, we are going to give you a full step - by - step guide on how to start playing.

  1. First, you should open your account in 22bet (If you do not have an account at 22bet, you can check our guide for signing up in the bookmaker),
  2. Then, you should verify your account ( you can see our full guide on how to verify your 22bet account),
  3. Then, you should deposit some funds in your account,
  4. Then you can claim one of the generous bonus offers (To make things easier, we also have the bonus offers review, where you can check everything about bonuses in 22bet),
  5. And finally, you can start playing slot games in 22bet’s casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I enjoy playing slot games in 22bet for free?

A: The team of 22bet made its best for you to spend some amazing time in the casino of the bookie. So, yes there is a way for playing slots for free. The first option is to play the demo version of the slot, which means that you are not winning any real money, but there is also an option to claim free spins, which can lead to winning real money.

Q: Where I can see the full list of available slots in 22bet?

A: The full list of available slots in 22bet you can see by going to the “Casino”, which can be found in the main navigation menu of the bookmaker, then you should click on “Slots”, then on “All”.

Q: Are there any other bonus offers for claiming in 22bet for free spins?

A: Actually, there are not any other bonus offers for free spins in 22bet but do not be disappointed, you can still claim some other casino bonuses, which actually can give you free money for playing. One of the most popular ones is the welcome bonus offer, which can give you a massive amount of up to 300 euros.

Q: Can I enjoy playing the slot games of 22bet’s casino through my smartphone?

A: The team of 22bet developed both the mobile application and the mobile site version, which both gives you full access to every single slot game, which is available in the desktop version of the bookmaker. Also, both the mobile site version and the mobile application are available for Android and iOS, so that no matter which OS you are using, you can enjoy playing.

In Summary

22bet is one of the leading global bookmakers. Actually, the bookmaker is quite new on the market, but no matter that it already managed to grow a lot of popularity, and this was only possible because of the many betting options and high-quality services. Apart from the wide variety of sports betting events with extremely high odds, the casino section of 22bet is a part that cannot be skipped. From the article above, you already know everything about one of the major betting types of 22bet casino, the slot games. As you know slot games in the bookmaker are quite a lot, and this is only because of the many casino games providers with which the bookmaker is working with. So that, if you are a casino lover, or you are just a beginner in online casinos, you should probably join 22bet, and try slot games, which can bring you not only satisfaction but a lot of profits.