Accumulator Betting in Bwin

Bwin is one of the biggest online bookmakers all over the world. Bwin is offering a wide variety of different sports betting options, accompanied by lots of markets and extremely high odds, and a very rich casino section full of many slot games, table games, etc. Also, do not forget that you can claim lots of bonus offers to help your budget for playing by taking free funds. In the article below, we from, are going to focus on the amazing sports betting section of Bwin, more particularly in accumulator bets. Accumulator betting not only in Bwin but in every other online bookmaker offers you quite higher potential winnings, but the risk is also higher. So, let’s see how you can place successful accumulator bets at Bwin.

Why accumulator bets at Bwin?

Accumulator bets are one of the most popular types of bets, which you can place in online bookmakers like Bwin. Actually, accumulator bets are simply straight columns, which consist of more than one selection in them.

Accumulator bets are also known as multiples and can consist of at least 2 selections, and as much as you want to add. The tricky part here and the actual risk about accumulators comes from the fact that you have to win all of the selections in your accumulator, in order to win the bet, only if one bet is losing, you lose the whole accumulator.

For players, who cannot understand how accumulator bets work or have any difficulties with it, do not worry, we from have a full guide about Accumulator Betting.

Accumulator betting in Bwin

The good news about accumulator bets in Bwin is that you have a lot of freedom, you can place them for every single sport, you can combine them, and make the bets that give you a lot in return.

At all, we from, highly suggest you trying accumulator betting at Bwin, simply because Bwin is popular with its extremely high odds, also many different sports betting events with many markets, which is a perfect opportunity for all of you, who love betting on accumulators.

How to place an accumulator bet at Bwin?

Now, as you already know, how profitable Bwin can be for accumulator betting, we from, are going to give you a full step-by-step guide on how to place those accumulator bets.

  1. To begin with, you have to open the official website of Bwin,
  2. Next, you have to log in to your existing account at Bwin, or create one, which full steps we cover in our Bwin Registration Guide,
  3. After you successfully entered your account at Bwin, you have to go to the sports betting section, which can be done by clicking on the “Sports Betting”, which can be found in the main navigation menu,
  4. The next step, which is essential, is to choose the sport on which you want to bet,
  5. You have to choose a sport, for which you know a lot about,
  6. You have to choose a sport, for which you are passionate,
  7. You have to choose a sport, which you love watching even without betting,
  8. Then, you have to choose which events you want to bet on,
  9. After you choose the events that you wanna put in your accumulator bet, you only have to add them, by clicking on the market, and they will immediately appear in your bet slip,
  10. The next step, which is quite crucial for being successful in sports betting is to type how much you wanna bet. You have to know how to manage your money to maximize your winnings,
  11. And done, you now can click on the place bet button, which will place the bet.

Key Moments Before placing an Accumulator bet at Bwin

Accumulators, as you already know, require you to successfully predict all of the events in your bet, in order to win. Unfortunately, this increases the risk, no matter that the potential winnings are huge. So, you have to be very aware of some key points before placing your bet. The good news is that we from, are going to list them, in order to help you maximize your chances for winnings and end up every month in profits.

  • You must have opened an account at Bwin, which has enough fund for placing your bet,
  • You must be very aware of how to successfully manage your money, in order to not end up losing in the long term,
  • You have to make solid research before adding any selection to your bet slip,
  • You have to be careful with how many selections you put in your bet slip, there are many players, who struggle with that. Remember that too many events can minimize your chances of winning, but too few selections can make the bet not worth it.

How to calculate your potential profits and overall odds?

The good news is that Bwin’s bet slip will automatically calculate both your overall odds and potential profits immediately after you add the selections and type how much you want to bet.

But, we from, highly suggest you check twice and make the calculations by yourself. This also quite important, especially when it comes to in-play betting as the odds are changing often so that a mistake can happen. If you do not know how to make those calculations by yourself, do not worry, we from, are going to show you exactly how to do it.

How to calculate the overall odds for accumulators?

The first thing that you have to calculate is the overall odds. The good news is that is very easy, you only have to multiply all the odds in your bet slip. Let’s see a simple example.


If you have an accumulator bet, which consists of 4 selections in it, which have odds of:

  • 1.76,
  • 1.95,
  • 2.60,
  • 1.86.

You, only have to do the following:

1.76 * 1.95 * 2.60 * 1.86 = 16.596152, or your overall odds will be 16.60

How to calculate your potential winnings from an accumulator bet?

After you successfully calculated your overall odds, it is time to check out how much will be your potential winnings. For doing this, we from, are going to give you simple formula, which is even easier than calculating your overall odds, you only have to multiply once:

Overall odds * Stake = Potential Winnings


Let’s use the overall odds from the example above, 16.60. And let’s say that you want to bet 150 dollars on this bet, so to calculate the potential winnings you have to use the formula above.

Overall odds * Stake = Potential Winnings

16.60 (Overall Odds) * 150 (Stake) = 2 490 dollars (Potential Winnings)

Live Accumulator Betting at Bwin

One of the biggest advantages of joining Bwin if you are about to place accumulator bets is that you can actually also place them for live games. It is not a secret that the real satisfaction from online sports betting comes from the in-play section, where the thrill is big, and also the odds are escalating every single second. Just remember that if you practice enough and become good enough in live accumulator betting at Bwin, you can take advantage of odds, which are doubled compared to pre-match odds.

But, as live accumulator betting can bring lots of winning, it can also ruin your account, as the risk is higher, also you have to be careful when you place your live accumulators. But, do not worry, we from, are going to give you some essential tips for placing live accumulator bets at Bwin.

Important Tips about Live Accumulator Betting at Bwin

  1. First of all, you have to remember that the key moments that we gave you for pre-match accumulators, also apply for live accumulators,
  2. Make research. Unfortunately, making research for live accumulator betting is quite different from making research for pre-match accumulators, simply because the games already started. So, you have to again watch for the same factors like key players, motivation of players, etc, but you also have to watch how the game is going by now,
    • How both teams are performing by now,
    • Are there any injured players,
    • Are there any players with restrictions, for example, yellow or red cards in football,
    • Are there any important goals, points, etc scored already,
    • At all, everything that can help you successfully predicts the final outcome of the game,
  3. Place your accumulators at the right time. This is something that many players are struggling with, there are millions of live accumulator lovers, who just cannot succeed in catching the right time to place a bet. But, unfortunately, the only way to master this is to practice, the more you bet, the better you become, the more profits you get, the more skills you have.

Mobile Accumulator Betting at Bwin

Nowadays, players from all over the world prefer betting using their smartphones, instead of using their desktop devices. So that, bookmakers like Bwin were forced to make sure that their players can access all of the available betting options using their smartphones. The good news about Bwin is that its team developed two amazing mobile platforms, which give you full access to both in-play and pre-match accumulators. And as Bwin mobile platforms are quite good and offer you lots of accumulator betting options, let’s see something more about them, or you just can go to our Bwin Mobile Application Review, where you will find all the information about it.

The first mobile platform of Bwin, through which you can place accumulator bets is the Mobile Website Version. The mobile website version of Bwin has a stunning design, which is based on the design of the desktop version, with the only difference that everything is responsive, so that online betting is easier for you. The mobile site version can be accessed directly from your mobile browser, so that you do not need to install any additional mobile software, but it also means that the mobile site version is dependent on the browser, so that you can face some technical problems.

The mobile application of Bwin is the second mobile platform that you can use, in order to place accumulator bets. The mobile app is an independent app, which works simply perfectly, there are not any bugs, lags, crashes, etc. It is also optimized to work perfectly on both Android and iOS devices, and the best part is that you can place accumulator bets using it. Also, do not forget that the mobile app is a separate platform, which is perfectly optimized, which means that it also consumes a lot less mobile data than the mobile site version.

Bonus Offers for Accumulator Bets at Bwin

In order to motivate you and help you succeed in accumulator betting, the team of Bwin offers you some amazing promotions from which you can take advantage almost every single day.

Enhanced Accumulators

Enhanced accumulators at Bwin are one of the most popular types of bonus offers. Enhanced Accumulators are simple accumulators, which are made from the team of Bwin for the most popular daily events. The promotion part here is that the odds for those enhanced accumulators are increased a lot.

  • You cannot change the accumulators,
  • You cannot exclude or include any selections from Enhanced Accumulators,
  • You can bet as much as you want on Enhanced Accumulators.

If you are interested in Bwin bonus offers, we have created a whole guide about Bonus Offers at Bwin, where you can find all the details about all bonuses, how to roll over them, how to get them, and how much you can get from them.

Top 5 Tips about placing successful accumulator bets at Bwin

By now, you have to know that accumulator betting, not only in Bwin, but at all is kind of risky, but has the potential to make you huge profits. As the risk is higher, it is harder for players to master it and win from accumulators. But, the good news is that we from, are here to help you succeed. We will list the top 5 tips about placing successful accumulator bets at Bwin.

Tip 1: Always Make a Research

Making a research is one of the most essential things you have to do before placing any type of bet. For accumulator bets, researching is even more important, as there are more events, and to win your accumulator, all of those selections have to be winning. So, in order to make the research that will lead to many profits, you have to look for the following facts about each event you want to add to your accumulator:

  • You have to check the condition of both teams/ players,
  • You also need to check the previous direct matches between the teams/ players,
  • You also have to look if there are any transferred players, which can be of big importance for one of the teams,
  • You have to look at how teams are doing in other competitions or leagues,
  • You have to look if there any key players missing,
  • You have to look at how both teams are doing in the competition, in which they are playing.

These are the major factors, which you have to look at when you are making research, but actually, there are a lot more that can help you successfully predict the final outcome of every event. But, in order to find more details about them, you have to start betting and start researching, and see what is helping you to successfully make your predictions.

Tip 2: Learn how to manage your bankroll

If you do not know how to manage your money, you simply cannot succeed in Accumulator Betting. Knowing how exactly to bet on each accumulator in order to win the most and do not risk a lot, is another key part when it comes to long-term profits. Learning bankroll management is very hard for lots of players, so we from, created a whole guide about how to successfully manage your bankroll.

Tip 3: Never add lots of selections to your accumulators

It is quite important to know how many events you can add to your accumulators. Adding too many selections into a single accumulator may lead to minimizing your chances of winning. So, it is quite important to find the perfect balance between not risking a lot, but also have the potential to win a lot. The best thing you can do to find that balance is to place accumulators and see what works for you. There are some players who succeed with accumulators with 3 selections, there are some who add 5 or more, it actually depends. So, feel free to try and see what is best for you.

Tip 4: Choose a sport on which you place accumulators

It is quite important to choose only one sport for accumulator betting, in some cases, two. The tricky part is that if you choose one, you will choose the sport about which you are passionate, and you love watching even without betting on it. That may sound strange, but it can help you with research, simply because if you are already interested in some sports, you will know a lot about, and you will read the news so that it will be easier for you to be successful in accumulator betting.

Tip 5: Never let other players influence you

This tip is mainly for beginner bettors, who still do not have enough experience and are willing to take advice from other players, but we from, highly suggest you avoid that. Mainly because most of the time, if you listen to what other players are telling you, you will end up losing many accumulators. What we advise you is to make your own research and place accumulators based on that.

Frequently Asked Questions about Accumulator Betting at Bwin

Q: Are there any bonus offers for Bwin accumulator Betting?

A: Yes, the team of Bwin offers you some bonus offers, which you can claim, in order to take advantage of some free money, also some boosted odds for accumulators. In order to check more about them, just check out our full Bwin Bonus offers Review, or go directly to the promotions section of Bwin’s official website.

Q: Is accumulator betting at Bwin worth it?

A: Yes, accumulator betting at Bwin is more than worth it, simply because you can win lots of money from it. Yes, the risk is higher, but also are the odds, which are multiplied. So, if you have a strategy, and follow our tips, accumulator betting at Bwin can be the key to making huge profits from online sports betting.

Q: What will happen if I place an accumulator at Bwin, which has 8 selections, but I win only 7 of them, do I still win?

A: Unfortunately, in order to win an accumulator bet, you have to successfully predict all of the selections in it. So, if you win only 7 of 8 selections, you will not win. Be sure to make research before placing every single selection in your bet slip, in order to maximize your chances of winning. Also, never add that many selections to your accumulator.

Q: How many selections should I put to my accumulator at Bwin?

A: There is no such exact number of selections that you have to put in your accumulator in order to win. For every player that number may be different. So, you have to try and see what works the best for you. For example, you can start with 3 selections, and if that works, you can add up if you feel confident that you can successfully predict more events.

In Summary about Accumulator Betting at Bwin

Bwin is one of the most popular online bookmakers all over the world. Bwin is available on the market since 1999 and offers a wide variety of unique casino games, sports betting options, markets, high odds, exactly like accumulator bets, which we briefly explained in the article above. Accumulator bets are a little bit risky as they require you to successfully predict more than one event, but the odds are extremely high. The good news is that we from told you everything you need to start placing successful accumulator bets and always end up in profits. So, if you still do not have a registration at Bwin, create your account, and start your online accumulator betting journey, it is more than worth it.